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How Does CompMag Work?

     What we have done at CompMag is found a way to help Californians comply with the stricter California laws. SB 880 and AB1135 passed in 2016 outlawing the bullet button that has allowed us to keep our firearms compliant. We needed a good solution to this problem. With the threat of having to having to register our firearms as "assault weapons" on the horizion, and after many long months of designing and testing, we finally we found a way. The CompMag.

     The CompMag is the ultimate fixed magazine solution for your firearm. Even though the magazine is fixed into the lower receiver, it still allows your firearm to be very user friendly. The CompMag has an internal locking mechanism that locks into your gun with one screw. Super easy installation. No holes to drill, no modifications need to be made to your firearm. It can also be easily removed by opening the action and removing the screw from the inside. This allows you to have your fully functional firearm back. This is useful if you are going out of state to shoot or you live in a state other than California. While in California, keep it locked in at all times to be compliant.

    Having a fixed magazine allows you you to retain all the other features that we love: a pistol grip, a retractable stock, a forward stock, a thumb hole stock, and a flash suppressor. Check your local and state laws to see if the CompMag is right for you.

    Loading the CompMag couldn't be easier. 1. Retract the spring and lock it. 2. Slide the loading door down. 3. Load the cartridges in. 4. Shut the door. 5. Release the spring. You are ready to fire.

    Enjoy Your CompMag!