AK-47 CompMag. Updated release date- November 2018

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The AK-47 version of the CompMag. (Shown above are prototypes and do not resemble the final product in textural finish and color.)



The AK-47 CompMag has gone through design, prototyping, and initial testing. It is now in production, and the tooling is being made. We hope to have it out near the end of October, but it will not be released until final testing has been completed.

Modifications to the tooling may need to be made once a part is produced and is being tested. The number of modifications we need to make (determined by final testing) will ultimately determine when it will be released. Because of this we do not have an exact date at this point. We appreciate your enthusiasm and we are working hard to get you out another great product.  Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE! 10-29-18

We are receiving our first batch of AK-47 CompMags this week for testing and evaluation. We will then determine if we need to modify the tooling for full production. Hopefully we will have it ready for you guys in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your enthusiasm. We are getting very close.

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