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Duncan v. Becerra. Will we now make 30 round CompMags?

We have received many inquiries as to whether or not we are now going to make larger capacity CompMags due to the Duncan v. Becerra ruling. While this decision is a victory for the Second amendment and gun owners in California, it unfortunately does not affect the current assault weapons regulations. The ability to own a 30 round mag and the “assault weapon” regulations are two different beasts and must be fought one at a time.

Duncan v. Becerra addressed the topic of owning, possessing, or purchasing “high capacity” magazines. It is still in the appeals process and the stay is still in effect.

The “assault weapon” regulations SB 880 and AB1135 address what is and what is not considered an “assault weapon” in California. These regulations have not been altered as a result of the Duncan v. Becerra ruling. This is a separate matter that has to be heard in front of a judge to be overturned or modified. So, for now, 10 round, fixed mags are still what is required.

Should SB 880 and AB 1135 become overturned or modified, of course we will adjust our magazines to give you the best product possible, but for now it has not changed.

Thank you.