AR-15 CompMag. GEN.2

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The AR-15 CompMag.  GEN.2

Price is for 1 unit.

CA. Compliant. 

N.Y. Compliant with the simple addition of epoxy over the locking screw.

Lifetime Warranty. If something ever breaks, we will replace it.

10 Round capacity. 

Newest Version.   (updated January 31, 2020)

Locks into your magazine well with an expandable insert built right into the side of the CompMag.

Our unique fixed magazine design creates an ammunition feeding device designed to be contained in or permanently attached to a firearm in such a manner that it cannot be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.

Allows you to keep the AR-15 features you love on your rifle. (pistol grip, forward grip, retractable stock, and flash hider).

No need to "break your action" or deviate from the normal operation of your firearm to reload.  

Loads easier than a standard magazine. No heavy spring to push each round against.

Will fully load on a closed or open bolt.

One screw installation.  No holes to drill. No need to modify your firearm.

Two minutes to install. Two minutes to remove, should you decide to shoot outside of California.

Ultra durable and heavy duty, built to last. 150% to 300% thicker side walls than most polymer magazines.

17-7 Stainless steel magazine spring.

CNC turned steel charging handle with glossy black oxide finish.

Round counter indicates exactly how many rounds are left in your firearm, including what's in your chamber.

Holds the bolt open after the last round is fired.

Allows for easy clearing of type 3 malfunctions (such as double feeds).

Can be used in California and other restrictive firearm states. Check your local and state laws before ordering.



Patented Innovation. (CompMag has 6 patents at this time.)

Designed and Made In the U.S.A.   Right here in California.



It does not, by itself, make your firearm New York Compliant. For N.Y. compliance you must either epoxy over the screw once the CompMag is installed or use another N.Y. locking device. For information on New York Compliance please read "Is the CompMag N.Y. Safe act compliant" at AR-15 CompMag Information.

In New York, often times a mag lock is installed on the firearm, which disables the mag release. The mag can be squeezed by the mag lock device if it is installed too tightly, and will result in the rounds or the follower not moving through the mag properly causing misfeeds. Always check the mag function before using epoxy on the maglock.



Compatible with .223, 5.56, .300ACC Blackout, and .277 Wolverine Ammunition.

Compatible with standard AR-15 type lowers. (M4, M16, AR15).

Compatible with other firearms that accept a STANAG (AR-15) magazine and have a removable upper receiver; including the SCAR16, Bushmaster ACR, SIG MCX, CZ Bren, SIG 556, Galil ACE, BRN180M, and Daewoo DR200.

NOT compatible with lowers that have a custom or extended magazine well (such as Seekins SP225, Sharps Bros, HKMR, and Spike's Jack). Not compatible in bullpup firearms such as the Tavor.

NOT recommended for polymer lowers.

NOT compatible with top loaders such as the MA loader or the Bear Flag Defense loader.



When tightening your AR-15 CompMag into the magazine well, be careful not to over tighten it. If it is tightened too much this will cause the rounds to rub inside the magazine and can cause misfeeds. If this happens, simply loosen the screw a bit, relieving the pressure. 

Before using, please read the instructions and watch the videos found in the recent posts section on our home page, entitled "Loading and Unloading your CompMag. Clearing Double Feeds.". This will help you better understand how the CompMag operates.   

Thank you.


 As we, and our Attorneys, understand it, this product falls within the laws as written. At this point it has not been endorsed or approved by any law enforcement agency or regulatory body within the United States, due to their reluctance to endorse any compliance products. Once contacted, the D.O.J. told us that they would not endorse any compliance products and that we should seek the advice of a qualified firearms attorney.

We then had our firearms attorneys research the topic of California compliance thoroughly and their professional opinion is that the CompMag would be deemed a fixed magazine in accordance with California Law. Letters from them can be found on our home page under "Recent Posts".

Even though we have had our Firearms Attorneys approve this product as a fixed magazine according to California law, your situation may be different. For example, putting a CompMag on a banned AR-15 or a short barreled rifle (SBR) will not make it compliant. Know your local/state laws and regulations prior to purchasing this product. If you are unsure whether or not you have an assault weapon, please contact a firearms attorney.

CompMag LLC. is not held responsible for injury or damage from inaccurate assembly, misuse, illegal use or modification of this device, nor are we held responsible for your understanding or interpretation of the laws and regulations that may apply.

Thank you.


Reviews (192)

gen2 comp mag

Written by Jeramie on Aug 28th 2022

This is amazing and easy to use I would highly recommend..


Written by David Munoz on Apr 12th 2022

Very easy Install

AR Compmag

Written by Michael Holloway on Feb 7th 2022

I LOVE this product! The NY restrictions on rifle magazines are brutal but Compmag is THE best way to be able to load and fire your weapon with NO issues. It is super easy to load and still have a round count on the product....

ar=15 compmag

Written by Dan on Feb 2nd 2022

not to bad to install, still wish they carried it in 7.62x39 , don't like to have my gun apart all the time

AR15 maga

Written by Bob S. on Dec 5th 2021

I found this product to be everything as advertised. I appreciated the awesome customer service from Nicole Maga and was able to easily explain the use and benefits of this magazine. As a firearms instructor in California, it’s good to know this product protects our 2nd amendment rights, and allows firearm owners / enthusiasts to maintain the originality of that firearm. Thank you for great magazine!

Ar15 mag

Written by Julio Garcia on Nov 10th 2021

Really simple to install and good quality material

Review of AR15 CompMAG

Written by STEVEN MATTHEW FORMAN on Sep 8th 2021

Well this worked out fantastic! Now using the AR15 COMPMAG to make compliant ARs in NY. Buyers are thrilled! No jamming, easy instructions and build! Shipping was quick and customer service is great to work with.

Great magazine

Written by Joe R. on Aug 22nd 2021

This is a great product, looks nice, it solidly built and makes it much easier to load rather than cracking open the upper and wearing out the pins. I live in Mew York, and I don’t like the idea of putting epoxy on the screw because when I go to PA I remove it to use regular magazines. Just put some blue loctite on the screw just to say you glued it and call it a day, what are they gonna do, open up your gun on the side of the road to check it? Doubtful. However; this can be used in conjunction with a mag latch which is also reversible and disables the mag release button until you take the shimmy out. So if you use both these then you are NY compliant. . But if not, the comp mag by itself is a safeguard because technically the mag is fixed and cannot be removed when installed properly.

Compmag ar15

Written by Marlowe Paalan on Jul 26th 2021

Very solid magazine. 5 star quality. Since it’s still new. I’m not sure if how long the spring mechanism will last. Looks and feel sturdy though.

CompMag Review

Written by George W Ellison on Jun 14th 2021

I was very impressed with the quality and ease of installation. The product is well engineered. The CompMag looks and feels like a factory item. I give it five stars


Written by May on Jun 10th 2021

Nice solution to a stupid problem, definitely prefer the compmag over speed loading here in New York. Works great, thank you

Compmag AR15. Ok, but not perfect.

Written by Chris VanZandt on Jun 8th 2021

Works ok, and cycles normal ammo as expected. Will not cycle blanks properly like a PMag. They consistently jam against the feed ramp of the barrel. Also does not work with ejection port speed loaders like the one from MEAN arms. Still trying to decide if it will be staying on my rifle or not.

AR-15 Compamag

Written by Buddy on Apr 14th 2021

This is built to last and makes your AR California compliant. Fast shipping and great customer service, also they are a California business always great to support local business. Thanks again for a great product and sticker....

Compmag ar15

Written by Billy on Apr 7th 2021

Giving a 3 star because on some 300 blackout ammo doesn't work with mag, it gets stuck but it does work with the more expensive ammo

A couple minor changes would go a long way.

Written by Joel on Mar 22nd 2021

I love my two compmags. Install takes no time. After some minor dremel work, they are far easier and faster to load than a normal mag. That being said, one little change and a little better QC could have save me the dremel work and saved my upper receiver. The opening where you put the rounds into the side had some rough edges and it was almost impossible to load rounds straight. 5 minutes to fix. More importantly, the pin that locks the screw in place sticks out a little due to it not having a groove to make it flush with the side of the compmag. This results in it gouging the inside of the upper receiver when you close it. Again, 5 minute fix. Would be nice to not have to modify it out of the box. Small minor changes though and I love the thing!

Ar 15 compmag

Written by Brauden on Mar 21st 2021

Product is outstanding if you live in a state with restricted gun laws. Very easy to install. Comes back apart just as easily. But solid, works as stated.


Written by David Tackman Jr on Mar 15th 2021

Great product, well made and meets restrictions in my state! Gives my rifle the look I wanted and performs great!


Written by William on Mar 14th 2021

So far very happy with the comp mag! Wish i didn’t need it, but it’s a great solution in NYS.

Ar15 compmag

Written by BRADLEY a WILCOX on Mar 7th 2021

Very nice well-made product.


Written by Ron Ponce on Feb 7th 2021

Works as advertised. Easy installation and best option for the California insanity.


Written by Ron Ponce on Feb 7th 2021

Works as advertised. Easy installation and best option for the California insanity.

Compmag review

Written by Justin McDaniel on Feb 7th 2021

Excellent product. Going to be buying a few more very soon

AR15 CompMag

Written by Greg Wheeler on Feb 4th 2021

Great product!!! Super ease of operation.

Review of ar-15 comp mag

Written by Austin on Jan 31st 2021

I absolutely love mine great solution to fixed mag low capacity’s lowers it works great!

Brilliant design

Written by Brian C.Thomas on Jan 31st 2021

I was tired of trying different fixed magazine products. I tried AR Maglock, and Juggernaut Tactical. Both of those felt poorly designed. With AR Maglock I didn’t like how difficult it was to clear a malfunction. And with Juggernaut Tactical I didn’t like not having a bolt catch/release. The Compmag however is GENIUS. Your AR is not permanently modified in anyway and if you travel to a free state it is SUPER easy to remove. I highly recommend this product for anyone that uses a fixed mag setup over a featureless setup. Great construction. Great price. And great customer service!

Fantastic Product & Even better customer service

Written by Steven on Jan 11th 2021

I purchased the AR-15 magazine, and it's exactly what I was looking for. The product was easy to install and came with clear directions. It's obvious that this company takes pride in their product and its shipping and handling. After a bit of practice, I can load this magazine faster than a normal magazine. I purchased a second one for a friend who liked mine so much, but I messed up the shipping details. Nicole @ CompMag helped me out and went above and beyond to get me my second magazine. Thank you very much Team CompMag! I'll be recommending this product to all of my friends who are looking for the perfect Cal-compliant fixed magazine solution.

Comp mag

Written by Mike perry on Jan 3rd 2021

Works great very pleased with it thank you comp mag Worked perfect as advertised

AR15 compmag

Written by Patrick M. on Dec 15th 2020

Excellent quality product will buy again for my next build

Ar/ak Comp mah

Written by Richard Bernal on Dec 7th 2020

Before I purchased I thought it was an amazing idea but after using it on my AR & AK I found that if you don’t have the magazine angled correctly the cartridges would move around and get stuck inside the mag. Then you would have to fiddle with it to get the bullets out. It’s more of a pain but if you get it in correctly then it’s a good addition. I will be trying out a different product.

GrEat product....

Written by jared smith on Dec 7th 2020

This is a awesome product that helps with the safe act rules and regs, but I found out that it doesn’t work with my spikes tactical “jacks” lower and that’s a bummer. I’m sure I’ll be able to put it to use on another build.

AR-15 compmag

Written by Allan Harrison on Dec 6th 2020

Very satisfied to now have my AR-15 California legal without major modifications. Very easy to install.


Written by Barton on Nov 22nd 2020

Living in NY, this seemed like a viable option. Purchased the compmag, received it in a timely manner, all the way from CA......very impressed with it so far, very durable construction, and operates flawlessly, even with the full 10 rounds in it, for anyone that wants to keep their rifle the way it should be in a commie. state, yet fall within the parameters of the law this, in my opinion is one of the best, if not the best option out there.

Ar15 comp mag

Written by Marc rItter on Nov 1st 2020

Well, it makes a rifle NY Compliant. It’s a little awkward loading without it jamming, but it makes a rifle compliant if you’re in NYS. I wish I didn’t have to use it, but there are few options. When I load less than 10 rounds it seems to work better, when I load 10 it seems more likely for the rounds to shift around and jam. If you live in NY and need a fixed magazine, it’s a solid option.


Written by Christopher HiCks on Oct 20th 2020

Hate that I had to do it but was delighted there was a product that made a ridiculous law easy to manage without permanently altering my rifle. Easy to install and works as described. Would have given the product five stars if it came In different colors and the outside design wasn’t so ornate. Like my magazines simple. The bottom line, it’s the only product I’ve found that resolved a problem without too much problems.

Awesome product

Written by Jeremy Knight on Oct 19th 2020

I love my CompMag. Unfortunately I have to use this to begin with, however I'm very grateful for this product. No issues cycling, kind of a pain to load though. I found It best to have the mag at a 45° angle while loading. Otherwise the rounds like to go vertical creating an issue. I simulated a failure to eject/double feed, this mag made it very easy to clear. Overall a great product, would recommend to anyone that needs it to keep their scary "assault" features.

warning: COMPMAGs do not work with MA loaders or BF-10

Written by ROB on Sep 24th 2020

I just want to warn others that the comp mags do NOT work with either the MA loader or Bear Flag Defense loaders. This was a deal breaker for me. I really wish I had known this before purchasing. I was so confident I would love these, I made the poor choice to epoxy these before I had a chance to try them at the range... I had to hammer them out and am now back to PMAGS. For anyone working at compmag reading this, you might want to add this somewhere on the website - considering so many of us in restricted states rely on speed loaders.

Comp mag Review

Written by Jeff McDaniel on Sep 19th 2020

The thing works great and looks great. It’s a well made product and it takes 20 seconds to install/remove which I love. The only question I have and the only reason I gave 4 stars rather than 5 is what holds on that little L clip that goes over the screw? Is it really necessary? I lost one the first 10 minutes cause nothing is holding it in. I didn’t really want it falling into the inner workings of my rifle. It needs a clip or something to hold it in.

Compmag for 300 blk

Written by Thomas Schwallie on Sep 15th 2020

The compmag for my 300 blk makes loading fast and easy. I did need to put some time into fine tuning the interior of the mag as it was too tight to smoothly feed the 300 blk rounds.

Review on Ar compmag

Written by Bobby sayabouipheth on Sep 6th 2020

Great product hands down. Simple to install.

Great product

Written by michael on Sep 1st 2020

This product works great, if you live in a commie state like me. Reliable, affordable and fast shipping, what else could you ask for other than for your rights not to be infringed upon?


Written by William Caughell on Aug 24th 2020

I'm going to be honest, I hate that this product exists. But if you live in the State of California and own an AR-15, this is a great option. I was not excited about getting rid of my “EVIL” pistol grip, collapsible stock, or flash suppressor. That’s a lot of responsibility. Where would I put these items after they were removed from the rifle? Would they still be EVIL at that point? Would I need to put them in a separate safe or could I trust them to be stored in my safe with the rifle. And if I threw them away, what if they managed to make their way onto another rifle where they could be evil once again? It was too much stress to think about what these evil items could do if I allowed them to stay evil. Then I found the CompMag. This item is like having a prison guard on your rifle. It tames those evil features and reforms your rifle back into a law abiding rifle. It only takes a minute to install, and it is very well made. Loading took a little getting used to, but it beats some of the other options out there. And if the laws in California ever change back or I flee the state, it can be removed with a screwdriver. Best of all, it looks like a 30 round magazine, so my rifle does not feel neutered.

AR 15 Comp mag

Written by Ramnik vohra on Aug 23rd 2020

Very good quality product

CompMag for Sig

Written by Jack McDaniel on Aug 19th 2020

I have the 516 variant that a lot of the quick, semi-releases like the Juggernaut will not install on. This was extremely easy to install and makes the 5.56 a good backup to my 7.62.

AR-15 compmag

Written by David Passeri on Aug 17th 2020

It's just as fast as loading as if it was in your directly in your hands .what a great invention

Ar15 mags

Written by Darren on Aug 16th 2020

Awesome product, super easy to install. Customer service is way above and beyond the majority of vendors I have dealt with over the years. Only solution I will use. Can’t wait to get one for my AR10.

556 ar compmags

Written by gary fuller on Aug 13th 2020

i installed them very easily. the customer service was top notch. they got here in no time . looks to be a quality built product and functioned just fine in non fireing excercises.

Good SyStem

Written by Mike on Aug 2nd 2020

The CompMag is a good system to use to ensure your modern-sporting rifle is California-compliant with minimal divergence from what makes an AR-15 an AR-15. I recommend this system over all others.


Written by John on Jul 12th 2020

Excellent product, kudos for the design that allows us to be legal in the people’s republic of NY. Hell of an idea! No more having to break open the action every time you have to reload and wear out the receiver holes with the steel pin making it sloppy. Faster reload time and sooner back on target. Works well and appears sturdy so far. Recommend it to those stuck in the DemoRAT controlled anti 2A states!

works fine

Written by Miklos on Jun 28th 2020

I like it. Installation is easy and the device itself works well. I also like how the actual size of the CompMag closely resembles a 30 round mag so the gun doesn't end up looking too neutered. Believe it or not, I think this also makes the gun a bit more "range friendly" so-to-speak when shooting with friends and family because there is no compulsion now to go through the whole 30 round mag. Just pop in what you want and shoot them off.

Perfect for us behind enemy lines

Written by David Petit on Jun 24th 2020

My application was a bit unique.. have an AK chambered in .223. This worked great for me in NY once I converted my rifle to take the AR mags. Quality product and would highly recommend.. Best part is its reversible!

Ar15 Compmag

Written by Paul on Jun 18th 2020

Compmag is great if you're in a restrictive state. Makes it so you don't have to split your receivers to reload your magazine. The only downside is that you have to be careful when loading the compmag. Sometimes rounds go up and get stuck and it's a real pain to get out.

ar 15 comp mag

Written by Rick on Jun 16th 2020

excellent product simplify making ar cal compliant , just follow the direction for loading works great

Ar15 compmag

Written by Cris on Jun 15th 2020

Works flawlessly!!!


Written by Gregory webb on Jun 8th 2020 as intended

Double Feed

Written by Michael Burkhart on Jun 2nd 2020

I think it’s a very good product but concerned with clearing double feeds

Ar15 fixed magazine

Written by Aaron Hall on May 31st 2020

Went on my Aero precision rifle. Fantastic fit out of the the box. Sturdy well built magazine. I can see this thing lasting a very long time. Excellent option to be CA compliant and still be able to quickly convert the rifle back to normal when out of state

AR15 Compmag

Written by Sambo on May 26th 2020

Great product! Well built! Great addition for anyone running a pinned mag. Customer service is also spot on! You won't regret making the change if you're one of those that have a pinned mag.


Written by anthony on May 25th 2020

Awesome product, works wonders for LH uppers.


Written by Ronald Barton on May 22nd 2020

Just installed new compmag in my #15 rifle. Went exactly like directions said,it will not come out,seated firmly in rifle It does take a little practice to load,but seems to work well I like it!, Get one


Written by Peter on May 22nd 2020

I haven’t been able to use it at the range yet, but the mag is very well built, easy to load and looks great. Being able to load it through the side of the mag is a million times better than cracking the rifle open. I’m using it with a safemod mag button.

AR-15 Compmag

Written by Carl Schutte on May 20th 2020

Best California solution out there!!

Comp Mag for AR

Written by Kenneth Hawkins on May 18th 2020

First off I like to say how well as a new customer I have been treated , They are great and very responsive even in these COVID 19 times. The mag fitted just as described and my gun smith Brandon was done with the setup in a matter of minutes. What a difference in the compliance of New York States stepping on our 2nd Amendment rights. We are now full compliant and can add what ever we want to the AR. Thanks Guys. If you own an AR in NYS get one . the way to go.

AR15 Compmag

Written by Elijah Romero on May 13th 2020

Great product! Nice sleek design and durable. Recently received The second Compmag i ordered For my second AR build. Highly recommended to my friends and family and will order more product in the future from Comp mag

AR-15 compmag

Written by J. Avila on May 4th 2020

Great alternative to the cumbersome mag locks and other California compliance crap. Easy to install and reversible in less than one minute if needed. Easy to load and unload and thus far, 100% reliable. Thanks CompMag for helping in keeping the 2nd Ammendment alive in California.

CA compliance Ar comp mag

Written by Sir Roderick Ponce von fontlebottom the magnificent bastard on Apr 3rd 2020

Goes on or off in a minute or less with a smallish flat head screwdriver. Perfect for pacifying the hypocrite communist snitches asking you nosy questions at California gun ranges.


Written by Eman on Mar 24th 2020

With so many different ways to get CA compliment I went with the compmag because it was the simplest! No modification or part to change out!


Written by Al on Mar 8th 2020

It's great to keep the original features and yet compliant to what the state consider evil features. Love it!

it works

Written by keving on Jan 29th 2020

tested mine yesterday. at first it wasn't working but as I developed a finesse for loading each round it worked well. incase F2 doesn't workout like to see these for all semi-auto long guns.

Compmag AR15

Written by Wayne on Jan 24th 2020

Great product, easy to install, round are easy to load.

Great product for fixed mag kits

Written by Robert on Dec 24th 2019

I spent a lot of time doing research on the best option for a fixed magazine build. This product is exactly what I was looking for. It is a bit costly, but it is worth the price. It is built strong, sturdy and has a solid and firm feel in the receiver. It pays for itself with the money you save on buying speed loaders for other fixed magazine builds. loading is simple, and can even be fast depending on how you train. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a fixed mag kit. Skip the other conversion kits and spend the money on this.

Simple compliance device

Written by VIctor on Dec 4th 2019

I found this device easy to install and appears to be well made.

Comp mag

Written by Joe laranjo on Oct 9th 2019

Great product Easy load/unload Commiefornia compliant is the best part ! Great customer assistance great help from Dave. Thanks for a great product JOE

surprising good

Written by Peter on Sep 27th 2019

I've had the compmag for over a year now and today was the first time I've taken my ar out to test this setup. The mag is of high quality, very solid. When I first got it, just manually cycling rounds at home, it had feeding issues and with rounds getting turned all over the place in the mag. I was worried but since trying it out at the range actually firing from it, it performed flawless!! I actually couldn't believe how good it was, fed every round, not a single malfunction from the get go! It was also very easy to load, easier than loading a regular magazine actually cause there is no spring tensing when loading. For the range, this is almost just as good as regular 10 round mag cause of how easy it is to reload. Only thing negative is it does not hold the bolt open on the last round. other than that, it's a great solution to our restrictions here in CA. Oh, I also love the fact it's easily removable, just one screw/plat holding the mag in place, no modification to the gun at all.

Not bad, could use some revision.

Written by Chris on Sep 24th 2019

This one of my favorite solutions for CA compliance on range only rifles/pistols or for distance/accuracy focused rifles that don't require fast reloads but need to maintain semi-auto function. Solid concept but I would like to see better plastic or even a steel bodied version. Lastly, although minor, the mag itself has a poor aesthetic and could definitely be made to look better. Fake screw heads? No Thanks. Overall I'm very pleased and am excited to see what Compmag does in the future. A five-round hunting model is something I would definitely buy.

Compmag Ar15

Written by Derrick Azevedo on Sep 9th 2019

It works perfect! The installation is very easy and I didn’t have to do any alterations to my firearm. Hopefully they come out with an AR-10 version! Definitely recommend and I’ll be picking up a few more.


Written by Ed on Aug 28th 2019

This is an easy was to get your AR-15 legal in California! Just insert the mag, lock it in and you are done!

Doesn’t feed - customer service unresponsive

Written by Michael lembo on Aug 20th 2019

I purchased the AR-15 version and the AK-47 version. The AK version was installed by a licensed gunsmith/FFL. I installed the AR version myself, meticulously following instructions. Both versions only accept 6 rounds (supposed to accept 10), and neither of them feed any rounds. Huge waste of money. If customer service were accessible/responsive, this negative review could have been avoided.

Do not oven cure!!!

Written by DAN on Aug 7th 2019

I truly LOVE the concept! After a little filing it functioned well with 300 Blackout. HOWEVER ... Despite claiming to be made out of a pretty heavy duty polymer/fiberglass, it seems you can not oven cure these mags after cerakoting, as ive done with many other magazines. After doing so the mag appears to have shrunk!!! Upon trying to reinstall the internals I found the mag tolerances to be so tight that it will not feed rounds. The follower can barely make it back to the top of the magazine without assistance.

Comp mag ca

Written by Rey A Uy on Jul 25th 2019

Great product. Easy to install. Solves everything for me living in California.

Ca 556/223 compmag

Written by Erich Walker on Jul 18th 2019

Great product, best solution so far for range use AR in restricted states. Compatible with other fixed-mag solutions, so if you have already modified your mag release to current standards (like I did) you can still use Compmag to gain jam/double feed/make-safe capability. I still can’t drop the mag in a malfunction, but I can drop the spring tension, which is the next best option. And the side loading gate makes reloading or de-loading simple & safe. And no permanent alterations to the rifle. Take it all out with a screwdriver. 10/10. Mag itself is easy to disassemble. Built like a tank. Very pleased.

AR15 Compmag

Written by Steve Francone on Jul 5th 2019

As advertised!!!!


Written by David Gonzales on Jun 24th 2019

Great product well made ,it does take some getting used to loading can be tricky, it's a means to an end dealing with cal laws

AR-15 california comp mag

Written by Jared Morris on Jun 23rd 2019

I really like this product it has maid owning a AR-15 in California a little easier, the only thing i don’t like is the size I would like to see a 5 round version just to make it a little more compact. But over all great job keep it up.

Compmag Review

Written by Rob Pettiford on May 30th 2019

Great craftsmanship, and it was delivered as promised. This product allows my AR to be CA compliant over wise, I have to remove all of the fun stuff. I’ve recommended this product to all of my friends. It would be great to have a 308 version.


Written by A.L. on May 13th 2019

Doesn’t get any easier than this to stay compliant in CA without having to go featureless. Installation was super easy. When will the .308 version be ready for sale?

Good option

Written by Mark on Apr 20th 2019

Installation is relatively easy (the micro retaining pin can be tricky). It will require some “force” to fully seat the replacement magazine. Loading is an art that takes practice.

Great product to meet the CA laws

Written by Myles on Mar 27th 2019

I purchased the CA CompMag-AR15. I waited a couple months for the new CA version to be released and it did not disappoint. It was easy to install and worked exactly as advertised. The magazine is really snug to fit in and you have to pull it a bit harder than I expected to eject it when loosened, but once in and tightened it is in there firm with no chance of unexpected ejection if you hit the mag release. It is well built and I had no issues loading, unloading or firing using it. Just make sure to follow the loading video. Great product overall and would buy again.

AR-15 COMPMAG CA Version.

Written by Branden on Mar 11th 2019

My COMPMAG works great, with it, I can keep my telescoping stock, pistol grip and flash hider. Quality made too!

Compmag review

Written by Dan on Mar 11th 2019

So i ordered the compmag because I didn’t want to alter my weapon. Good ol Comifornia doesn’t make it easy for us gun owners and this was the perfect thing that would bring me into compliance. The installation was easy and straight forward and it’s made really well and is very solid feeling. The only complaint I have is with the mag installed the rifle won’t fit into its case for transporting it to the range and it doesn’t fit into my safe very well (my safe is kinda small). Other than that I would recommend this MAGAzine to anyone who doesn’t want to mess with altering your firearm. A+ Comifornia compliance product

AR-15 CompMag Review

Written by Leo on Mar 6th 2019

Often the best ideas are the simplest. Easy to install and worked like a charm!


Written by Edward Peevey on Mar 5th 2019


ca. ar-15 compmag new 2019

Written by mark Bergeron on Feb 24th 2019

Super Product,un-matched design,love this Mag!!.


Written by Francis Oliveira on Dec 24th 2018

It is fantastic, simplest solution to Calif. Problem, at least one of them


Written by nicholas ungA on Dec 16th 2018

Best solution to being complient. Can install in less then two minutes.

Amazing product

Written by Kevin on Oct 31st 2018

The CompMag is a game changer in my opinion. I kept trying different compliance solutions (both featureless and fixed mag) and nothing felt right. It always felt like a compromise. The along came the CompMag and everything was right in the world! I was able to keep any features I wanted on my rifle and I didn't have to worry about increased wear from excessive use of the takedown pin. Although it wouldn't be the best solution on a home defense rifle, it is absolutely perfect for use on the range. Thank you for making such a great product!

Great Concept!

Written by Cory C on Sep 5th 2018

I bought a Compmag to use in conjunction with a Cross Armory Maglock because the standard screw and plate system isnt NY compliant. I could have gone with just the Maglock but after researching the Compmag and seeing that it was so much easier to reload and also to be able to clear double feeds. I bought it simply for ease of use and safety. It is extremely well designed and well built, it far surpassed my expectations and will be a part of any NY compliant build Im a part of.

Ar magazine

Written by Armando Magana on Aug 21st 2018

Great product can't wait to buy one for my AK

Great new mag

Written by pooky maliboo on Aug 14th 2018

Awesome alternative. Flawless. Used full 10 rds or 2 rds at a time. Easy install and reliable. Would definitely buy again. Used it on a target rifle.


Written by Jason A on Aug 11th 2018

Recently got a CompMAG and very happy with it. I was using another device that required me to open the AR-15 action, which totally sucked. But I wanted to keep the AR-15 look. This CompMAG really fit the bill... took 20 seconds to install, and actually looks very nice on my AR. Its slightly bigger than a 30 rd mag. The slide-open door is great, just drop in 10 rounds and you are good to go. The price is reasonable as well. But i especially like that its a 'locked' mag so I get to keep my AR-15 look, but easy enough to take off when I visit NV, AZ, UT or other gun friendlier States.Just an idea for the owners of CompMAG, but like with chamber flags (many colored orange) it would be nice for the bottom of the CompMAG (the plate that holds in the spring) to maybe be orange (as an option) so that it can easily be identified as a CompMAG locked mag instead of a 30 round mag....just so the Range Officer will know its a locked CompMAG and they're not going to go to your shooting station to inspect your rifle and check that its not a 30 rounder.

AR-15 Compmag

Written by Norman A. Finley on Aug 7th 2018

Well built using durable materials. No feeding or ejection issues. Easy to load with just a little practice. Very easy to install and remove and is a brilliant solution to the oppressive laws in California. I would not hesitate to recommend the AR-15 CompMag.

AR-15 Compmag

Written by Joe Travis on Aug 3rd 2018

A simple yet elegant solution for California compliance. Easy to install, works flawlessly! Full disclosure: The only drawback is my AR's with optics and this magazine no longer fit into my soft cases. No big deal, I'm over it!


Written by TONY PAZ on Jul 31st 2018

Very well made product, easy to install and works flawlessly.........

Comp Mag

Written by Tom on Jul 31st 2018

Simple and effective way to legalize your AR-15, doesn’t require making major changes and lost or misplaced parts.


Written by Bob on Jul 31st 2018

I’ve used the Compmag once since received it a couple weeks bit worked great. Think I might get another one.


Written by Gregg E Finley on Jul 29th 2018

Haven't had the chance to take to the range yet. Functioned without problems in my shed with live ammo. Would like to see an AR-10 version and one for 300 blackout. I've shared the web site with a bunch of online buddies, they all seem interested too.

compmag for the ar15

Written by Rick Holton on Jul 25th 2018

With the never ending BS gun laws in California this is a great fix. Very easy to install, I like the fact that I didn't have to change out anything and the Compmag looks better then the normal 10 round mag. Showed it to my buddy, he got one also.

fixed mag compliance

Written by Marty Ray on Jul 24th 2018

If you are a CA owner of an AR the nicely made CompMag device lets you easily turn your AR into a CA legal (for now!!) fixed mag weapon with only 10 rounds, that avoids you having to remove any other "evil" features that are on your AR. It's easy to install, and easy to remove when you finally achieve that dream of moving to a red state that takes freedom seriously. It is easier to load than a regular P mag or other mag. What's more, the end result of installation looks even more "evil" to leftist wimps than your old short 10 round mag, yet it only holds 10 rounds. Looks like a banana mag holding 30-40 rounds, ha ha. Course, this look might lead you to have to explain yourself, but I think that having any AR these days in this state may place you in that position. To defend against this, I chose to laminate and put into my AR case, the CRPA flow chart that shows what is legal and what is not. You could do all sorts of other things to legalize your AR, such as removing all "evil" features, having a weird looking stock, turning it to rimfire, or even registration if you think that's a great plan, but the CompMag is quick, easy, reasonably priced, easily reversible, and it sure seemed like a great plan to me. It's well made and parts are available.

ar comp mag

Written by Shannon Kane on Jul 24th 2018

Works flawlessly. Every function of your AR is retained. A little pricey. But it beats modifying your rifle. I have recommended these to my other shooting buddies. They love them. Definitely a good and simplistic way to deal with our idiotic laws.


Written by California edc on Jul 23rd 2018

I’m gonna be brutally honest I don’t like having to have this product at all. With that said out of all the high price cali-compliance products out there this is the best and the price is great too. Thank you guys for your innovation to keep me shooting and defending myself.

AR15 Compmag

Written by Jessie Sanchez on Jul 19th 2018

The AR15 Compmag is one of the best idea's to date for making your AR California compliant, I am just waiting to see if there will be a Compmag for AR10's.

customer service

Written by Richard on Jul 17th 2018

Ordered a pair of the CompMags and had an issue with the USPS and non delivery... Sent an email to CompMag explaining the situation and inquiring about alternate shipping options if I needed to reorder the mags. Within 10 minutes I had a response with a possible explanation for the situation as well as a guaranteed fix if the situation did not correct itself. Thanks David! You and your company Rock! P.S. Your product is Awesome!!!


Written by Robert C. on Jul 17th 2018

Okay, so I’m a bit of a procrastinator, on the Wednesday before the July 31st Assault Weapon registration deadline here in California I was looking for an answer as to how to ensure that my AR-15’s were California Compliant so that I would not have to register them as Assault Weapons. The answer, CompMag. I ordered three magazines and they arrived two days later. On Saturday morning I installed the fixed magazines on my LWRC, COLT and S&W rifles. It took more effort to get the rifles out of the safe then it did to install the magazines. Simple and easy and a great fit. Operation so far has been perfect. Get a Compmag, be compliant, obey the law.


Written by Ron Koss on Jul 17th 2018

California stinks. I tried featureless with a Megafin but hated it. Juggernaut Tactical is interesting but I didn't like the position of the button since it interfered with the safety lever. Plus there are other issues. The Compmag turns your rifle into a range-gun, and you have to be careful loading the cartridges since they may turn 90 degrees in the mag (before you release the follower) and then it's a little pain to clear. But, (1) it's a simple yet ingenious device that's easy to install, (2) I'm confident it's legal, (3) I can keep all my evil features, (4) if I go to a sane state, like Arizona, I can easily remove the CompMag and quickly have a real rifle again. - I'll give the CompMag five stars because it did what I expected it to do.

Ar15 Compmag

Written by Mike Lopez on Jul 16th 2018

I have tried many products to be California compliant and rhis has been hands down the best product i have used. I will be buying again. Cant wait for the Ak mag to be released.

Ar-15 mag

Written by Jim Dunmyer on Jul 16th 2018

Very nice , no modifications needed to my AR . Just insert and lockdown with a screw .

Compmag ACR

Written by Ray on Jul 16th 2018

Fast delivery. Easy installation. Roughly about 10 Minutes or less. Works great on the range.

AR15 Compmag

Written by Mike C on Jul 16th 2018

It's a shame that I need to use a device like this to keep my "evil features" in the loony state of CA. That being said, this is an ingenious creation. My only complaint is that the rounds in the mag are a little loose, and they rattle around a bit. Easy installation, easy removal for when I go to another state with "normal" laws.

Awesome !

Written by Jason on Jul 15th 2018

The mag worked great way better then I was expecting !

Ar comp mag

Written by Nikolai J Anacker on Jul 15th 2018

Good quality mag. I would like to see, if there will be an option for loading mag on right side. But that is only preference thing. Is only thing i gave 4 stars. Ether way im waiting for AK mag to come out.

Great product.

Written by Riley Pippen on Jul 12th 2018

In the beginning of using the comp-map, I was laying rifle down bolt release side up; and while loading the mag I noticed a round or two woyld fall into a verticle crease and could only be removed by seperating the upper and lower receivers. After some trial and error I just started holding the rifle with my dominant hand at a 45° angle and load rounds that way. Haven't had any issues since. BS California laws but this is a good product to get around liberal craziness.


Written by Steve McDonell on Jul 12th 2018

Great magazine for us in California and any other states that have added laws limiting our guns and ammunition. Easy to install, simple to use, well made and designed. Put it in a few minutes with tools and materials that were supplied by the manufacturer. Great customer service and a good company to do business with.

Compmag review

Written by Israel van bramer on Jul 10th 2018

The Compmag works well. It's very easy to install It shoots ten rounds every time. The only downside is that it usually doesn't lock back after firing the last round. I've talked to others that have the same problem. It's a problem without a solution but I've decided to live with it.

AR15 Comp Mags

Written by Dan Stowers on Jul 10th 2018

installed 2 comp mags on my AR 15 guns. installation was quick, with no fitting or problems. I would recommend them. Can't wait for the AR10 mag to come out.

Fucking amazing

Written by Nelson on Jul 9th 2018

I bought this motherfucker because I live in a commie state . And they don’t know how to respect people’s rights . So thanks to this amazing company my Ar is now not a “assault weapon “ anyways it’s a cool magazine. Easy to install and use . Looks good and feels durable and honestly I like it a lot !


Written by Loren on Jul 8th 2018

I was told about the compmag by a friend and needed to make my AR legal. It took only 15 seconds to install and if you go out of state you can take it out If you live in Comyfornia and need a Awesome easy way to be legal go with compmag. You will not be disappointed.

Fantastic device

Written by Jeff on Jul 8th 2018

The compmag serves its purpose and does it well. Kudos to American innovation and made right here in California. Simple, effective and very well made. Thanks for a great product that accomplishes the needs of those California shooters. Will definitely be using this setup for the range.

review of compmag

Written by victor on Jul 8th 2018

First these are very well made, I also like the fact that i can load my rifle without opening the rifle. Next in the state of California if you don't have the mag in you must take everything off and add after market items to your rifle, can you imagine go in public with a rifle looking like that or even combat ya right California. But i will be ordering more for my other rifles next month. So all that being said I must thank Compmag for coming up with a great ideal.


Written by douglas j kubo on Jul 8th 2018

This is a great product. Made my AR California legal. Very easy to install. Can hardly wait until there is a CompMag for my AK.

AR-15 Compmag

Written by Ben on Jul 5th 2018

This magazine is a great solution for CA AR-15 owners. It is extremely easy to install and very easy to load and reload when shooting. This was my favorite of all the CA AR-15 compliant kits that I purchased. I can’t wait for the AK-47 version to be released.

Comp mag

Written by Wm Kaufman on Jul 5th 2018


ar comp mag

Written by Shannon Kane on Jul 4th 2018

So far looks and functions great. Loads easier than regular magazine. Great alternative to the other systems. Albeit a little pricey. It does save some money over other alternatives. Would recommend to others looking to comply with our ridiculous laws here in the people's republic of Cali.

AR15 CompMag

Written by Jesse Valladares on Jul 2nd 2018

magazine arrived on time and in great shape.i have no complaints, your product is solid and works just like it should. There is one thing i would like to leave as feed back. i wish the magazine was backwards, i wish the loading window was on the right side and the spring handle on the left. i am primarily right handed and i like to load with my right hand so i would find it easier and more convenient to tilt the rifle left and load with the right hand. just a thought.

Compmag review

Written by Mike on Jul 1st 2018

The compmag is a great option for California’s fixed or featureless rule. It allows you to still have all the “evil features” that these democratic snowflakes hate (please vote and get these a$$holes out of California and make Cali Great again, haha). For me, the looks of a firearm is very important and the compmag allows me to keep the looks of my firearm. The only thing you really can’t do with it is a speedy reload but if you are not planning to use it in competition or three gun or anything that makes it mandatory to reload quickly then I would use highyly recommend it. I only shoot for target practice and I can take my time so I really don’t need a different option. Just my two cents. :)

Comp mag review

Written by Joshua Wickeraad on Jul 1st 2018

Best option for the new California laws. I do not agree with the new laws, but being a father of 3 young kids, this is the best option to comply with these silly rules.

Comp Mag

Written by Todd A Holyoake on Jul 1st 2018

Excellent quality and easy to install and hopefully when it's legally allowed uninstall. Easier to load than a typical P-mag too.


Written by Ronald Wolff on Jun 27th 2018

They work great

Ar-15 mag

Written by Robert hudson on Jun 25th 2018

Nice compliance device. Wrth the investment. Easy and quick to install. Highly recommend. Looking forward to the AK Mag.

Quality/Customer Service

Written by Eric on Jun 25th 2018

I cant be more pleased with this product, very easy to install, build quality feels fantastic, easy to load and keep your rifle CA Compliant. Customer service was outstanding 1st unit i recieved had a defective spring, i messaged them same day, the sent me a brand new mag got it within 2 days i believe. Great Product!


Written by Jeff on Jun 21st 2018

Buying this product totally changed my life. Thank you

Best Fixed magazine on the market

Written by Fernando A. on Jun 19th 2018

I genuinely recommend the Compmag! It's the best California compliment attachment you can purchase for your AR in my honest opinion! Practicality- 5/5 Aesthetics - 5/5 Innovation- 5/5


Written by Brian H. on Jun 18th 2018

Great idea, and the magazine is sturdy and works very reliably. Very simple, yet very innovative. Thank you compmag designers. I hope that in the future you make magazines for additional firearms (AK, SCAR, CZ scorpion, Sig MPX, etc). I’ll definitely be buying a bunch if you do.


Written by Donald Hampton on Jun 18th 2018

This magazine is amazing! It’s simple to load, rounds cycle great, and most of all I don’t have to crack my gun open to make it CA legal! Easier to load than a regular magazine, and simple to install! I reccomend this for all these rediculous CA restrictions! I’ll be buying more!


Written by Luis Morales on Jun 12th 2018

This is an outstanding product. I fits and functions flawlessly in all my AR platforms from my Colt 6920, Bush Master and all my Frankin ARs I have built through the years. In addition it also is being used in my SCAR 16. I look forward to the soon to be released COMPMAG for my AK platforms.

Comp mag

Written by Snake Plissken on Jun 7th 2018

Makes the rifle CA compliant. Let's you clear malfunctions without disassembly of the receivers. Quick minimally intrusive install. No modifications required. Set it and forget it. Happy with it. Would recommend to anyone not wanting to uglify their rifles by going featureless.

Great product, responsive support

Written by Patrick D. on Jun 6th 2018

Happy with the product, feels solid and works well. Support responded to my questions quickly. Glad to be keeping my features (for now anyway :-)!

AR-15 CompMag

Written by Larry Barsetti on Jun 6th 2018

Pure genius! This is the answer to the California fixed magazine mania. Easy to load and, more importantly to me, render the rifle safe in all conditions. I'll buy another. Definitely worth the price!

AR-15 CompMag

Written by Norman Lew on Jun 5th 2018

Ever since California pass the new laws regarding our rilfes. I have looked into every ways to comply. ......registration is not an option. I tried the AR mag lock. It was cool but ran into problems with double feeds . Which was a pain in the butt to fix, not to mentiontime consuming . I went Featureless on one of my rifles . But I saw a review on you tube "AR-15 CompMag" . I had very positive feedback. This was very easy to install and use is very reliable. I have yet to experience a double feed or a jam that did not require disassembly . Very reliable , easy to install, and easy to load (with some practice /retraining ).I would recommend this method of going the magazine lock route .

Ar comp mag

Written by Jesse on Jun 5th 2018

Definitely the best option I have seen to make an AR a fixed mag platform. So far I have put around 500 rounds through it and it has worked as advertised.

Comp mag ca compliant

Written by Nick on Jun 5th 2018

Haven’t taken it to the range yet so no review of function. The idea is genius, the construction is solid, the installation is easy and shipping was very fast. So far I'm very impressed by this product! I’ve recommended it to my friends and family, and plan to buy more.

AR-15 Mag

Written by Tim on Jun 5th 2018

The best option for fixed magazine for the AR platform. Easy to install the comp mag and no problems when shooting. 5 Star product

CompMag review

Written by Doug ODwyer on Jun 5th 2018

If you are forced to live in California and still want an AR15 you need this magazine. Simple to install, well built and works brilliantly. The ability to clear a double feed puts this soltion ahead of pack in my opinion. I highly recomend this product.


Written by Johnny Tamayo on Jun 5th 2018

This is my favorite Magazine! Wish they made more calibers


Written by Deon f. on Jun 4th 2018

The comp mag works perfectly! Easy to install and easy to load. I'd definitely recommend this magazine!

best solution

Written by Kenneth MacLeod on May 30th 2018

I just installed the CompMag on my two ARs. What an ingenious solution to the restrictive California assault weapon registration laws. It gives the State what it wants, and allows most recreational and sport shooters to use and enjoy their ARs while still keeping the adjustable stock, pistol grip, muzzle break, forward grip, etc. It's easy to load and unload the magazine, and you don't have to wear out your rifle by constantly opening and closing the action. It takes less than a minute to install, and everything you need to do it is included. A 5-Star product! I would love to see a second optional version of the CompMag with the cartridge loading port on the opposite side.


Written by Mark Skinner on May 30th 2018

I have 8 of these----Need i say more

AR-15 Comp Mag

Written by Patrick Sullivan on May 29th 2018

After a friend told me about this mag. After installing on my AR-15, makes it California compliant without having to remove all my nasty features. The easy of reloading is now much better. This fixed mag will also save a lot of excessive wear on my AR-15 since I do not have to constantly open the breach to load. This is by far the best solution to having your AR-15 California compliant. IF I decide to take my AR-15 out of Ca for a shoot, I just simply remove the mag with a hex wrench and slap in my regular mags. Great product, excellent quality materials

great product

Written by CA bound on May 24th 2018

well worth the money! it's CA compliant, super easy to install and remove. Will buy again for my other ARs

Only mag u will need in ca

Written by shawn costas on May 22nd 2018

works great easy to instal and to use and easy to dismount as well one of the only mags u will need in order to stay Comufornia Compliant


Written by Eric Sobol on May 20th 2018

Excellent product! Quality is Excellent and cust Service second to none. I intend on buying at least 10 more for all my guns. IMO it’s the best and least obtrusive way to comply with the ridiculous new California laws. Can’t wait for other gun options. Eric


Written by Ricky on May 9th 2018

Fast shipment and the packaging was neat. The product was good quality and it was super easy to install.....I was satisfied on all levels...Thanks guys.....I highly recommend this product guys....I never write reviews but on this product I had to

Easy to install, smooth as butter

Written by Ryan on May 7th 2018

Bought this for my first AR build and to be as NY compliant as I can, I know that it hasn’t been confirmed NY compliant but between the epoxy and an added set screw for my mag release (which is also epoxied), it’s not coming out of the lower anytime soon. Super easy to load, works like a charm, and looks good too! If you live in a restricted state and want an easy loading system, this is it.


Written by Jorge on May 3rd 2018

Best route to take if you live in Cali. Very well made, shot a good amount to say it’s reliable meaning I haven’t gotten a jam yet which is good. I would recommend it. Easy to load and unload


Written by Rene Martinez Jr on May 1st 2018

This product did what it says it does! It was beyond simple to fix the magazine with a simply removable bolt! Why modify your receivers when this does the job without! Worth every penny! Considering another one for my other AR!


Written by Odis w. Socia on Apr 30th 2018

Purchased this mag awhile back to make my AR-15 California complaint it was a perfect way to do it . Installation was a breeze, loading is also a breeze know I won't have to register my AR as an alsult rifle now I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep all the bells and whistles on their AR....


Written by Francis Oliveira on Apr 30th 2018

This device rocks I've tried all three of the other ones and this one is the easiest simplest safest product you can use to make your AR California compliant

Great product

Written by fernando on Apr 30th 2018

Product works just as described, and looks amazing on my rifle. The loading is not too complicated, but definitely takes some practice to load quicker. The best part is it makes my rifle CA compliant.

CA compliance mag that WOrks

Written by Ronald J Mulligan on Apr 29th 2018

I have tried various ways to make my AR compliant with the ever changing CA laws. But this one seems to work just perfectly. I have used features on some of my build but I also want to keep my pistol grip and UBR on one of them without having to break down the action. This invention is a genius work. Easy to load ammo with the sliding side door on the mag. With this, I can keep the so called evil features while keeping my AR look like a normal AR.

very happy

Written by DANIEL GANOE on Apr 25th 2018



Written by Arturo Castillo Jr on Apr 23rd 2018

Great product , great quality. Best alternative to Ca compliance. Almost no alterations but adding a single screw and lip. Only downside is that It won't fit lowers that aren't full mil-spec. Like the Sharp bros lowers. Five star rating for sure.

AR-15 CompMag reveiw

Written by Tim Gee on Apr 18th 2018

Excellent product to have when you want your AR-15 to look like a AR-15. Easy installation and loading / unloading. And yes, I have purchased the other type loaders, and feel this product is the best. Price of AR-15 CompMag is reasonable, being you have to buy a loaders and pin , which is hard to uninstall, if you wish to go shoot your AR-15 in another state. With other loading devices, you have you cycle the rifle to unload your gun or drop the bottom of the pinned clip. Very awkward. I have purchased several for friends and family and they all are pleased with the product too. Finally, it looks great in my AR-15 too.

Comp Mag review

Written by Russ Clifton on Apr 11th 2018

Trying to comply with California's gun laws can be a challenge so when a high quality innovative product comes out to help us keep in compliance it is something to have. The Compmag 10 round capacity magazine is very innovative in that you do not have to break the gun apart to reload it. The side door and magazine latch with a counter on the magazine is user friendly and safe. I am looking forward to seeing more great products from Compmag

Compmag/Customer service

Written by Tom C. on Apr 11th 2018

In CA, the CompMag is a great alternative for a fixed mag solution. The magazine is solid and should provide prolong use. Besides developing a great product, their customer support is top notch. I had some function issues with my first order of CompMags. Contacted David and he provided excellent support in resolving the issue. Once he understood the problem, he immediately took care of the situation. CompMag takes their products seriously and believes in providing positive customers service. I would definitely recommend the CompMag to anyone trying to avoid registration and/or not big on the idea of having to separate the upper from the lower to release their magazines.


Written by Fernando on Apr 10th 2018

Magazine is great, fits perfectly on my wife's Anderson Manufacturing Lower, but it will not fit in my Seekins Preceision SP223 Lower, so beware if you have a Seekins lower or a longer magazine well as this magazine will not fit.


Written by Steve Curry on Apr 9th 2018

Wonderful product works like a charm and can’t wait to see the ak model mag

AR-15 COMPmag review

Written by Jonathan H on Apr 7th 2018

Chose to go the Compmag route for a fixed-magazine, mainly because of the problems when clearing a jam with the other fixed-magazine solutions. With the Compmag you just lock down the follower, which takes pressure off the rounds, and you can clear the jam as you would on a "normal" rifle. Also have some concern over the wear around the pivot pin if I had to open the action every time I had to reload. Product appears to be very well made. The plastic magazine body is thicker than I expected, and very stiff, so I expect it will be very durable. The sliding cover, spring, follower, and handle to lock down the follower are all similarly well-built. It's hard to imagine you could improve much on this for a fixed-magazine conversion.

Ar-15 compmag

Written by Paul West on Apr 6th 2018

The quality of the mag is excellent easy installation. Easy to load and unload. I really like it. Messed up in California to know have to have a fixed mag,but honestly using this mag is way better than having to open your ar-15 every time to take the mag out using the mag button locks. This mag makes it easy to load from the side. Best way to go to be California compliant with your ar-15.


Written by David Luciano on Apr 6th 2018

Comp mag worked great in my WIndham Weaponary (Formerly Bushmaster) but for some reason would not work in my PSA kit. My brother and I came to the conclusion that it was my feed ramps on the PSA kit. Customer service (David Maga) was awesome, very helpful a great asset to your team.

Compmag review

Written by Daniel Degraffenreid on Apr 3rd 2018

I found it is easy to use and install, It Works for all .223 & 5.56 based Cases, it is a bit shorter than some magazines in respect to overall Cartridge length, but a person could open the face of the magazine with a simple dremel tool to gain more length for some wildcat cartridges based on the .223 case, I will not work with 7.62x39 or 6.8spc and a host or other cartridge wildcats based on the .shortened .308/7.62x51 cases or the .458 or .375 socom. If I could get the magazine open it could easily be modified for those wildcat ar15 cartridges. The compmag does what it says it will do and allows a person to have an attached 10 round magazine that can be locktighted into place with one siple allen head cap screw.


Written by Kyle on Apr 3rd 2018

PERFECTION... can’t explain how amazing this is and how easy it is to use install and ZERO malfunctions.

Compmag ar15 Review

Written by Jim Clark on Mar 31st 2018

CompMag is a nice piece of engineering, as well-conceived and well-implemented as your AR itself. Our CompMag installed quickly and well. Cycled through over 100 rounds without fail or need for adjustment (Stag Arms). The loading port and counter are handy. The installed look and feel are familiar and comfortable --- and provide a satisfying sense of putting a thumb in the eye of the pandering morons in our government.

Compmag Review

Written by Stephen Grubb on Mar 30th 2018

The mag functions perfectly. Easy to load and unload. Sure would like to see a five round mag that is shorter and more compact for those of us who use our AR's for hunting.


Written by Horacio on Mar 28th 2018

Easiest fix I found out there to make an AR CA compliant. I give it 5 stars overall.


Written by John Constantino on Mar 27th 2018

Great product! Easy to install. Great customer service and I had questions.

Updated Review

Written by Anthony Dichristopher on Mar 24th 2018

So I just did a review about this and gave it a 3 star because I was having trouble with my weapon jamming when my mag had 5 or less rounds left. Well comp mag has got back to me and I’d like to report that they are sending me out another one. The customer service is excellent and honestly that’s everything when it comes to sales. They helped me out without dealing with any B.S. I recommend this product to everyone here in Buffalo NY. Thank you again Comp Mag


Written by Glenn urquhart on Mar 22nd 2018

I am impressed with the magazine. Good design and construction, performs as expected of any quality magazine. Installs very easily and with no modification to the lower. Yes, it's pricey but as said about the design, quality and performance standards are there so for me it was/is a good purchase.

AR15 Mag

Written by Chris Patrick on Mar 19th 2018

I really like the idea of this product. I prefer to run all the features on my Ar and this appears to be the way to do so. It installs easily and actually looks better than the 10 round mag us unfortunate california residents have to use. I would and have recomended this mag.

CompMag AR-15

Written by Jeremy Davis on Mar 19th 2018

A very easy process to install. Great fit a a good spring to feed rounds. Loading the rounds was easier and not as clumsy as I thought it would be.


Written by Richard Adams on Mar 1st 2018

Hands down the best way to make your rifle CA legal, super easy to install and use.


Written by John Osborne on Feb 22nd 2018

Worked as advertised, loads easy, no feeding problems, bolt stayed back after last shot. I would recommend to anyone who wants to keep their pistol grip, flash hider or adjustable stock. Big thumbs up on a fantastic product. . .

AR-15 CompMag

Written by F.B.M. on Feb 6th 2018

WOW do not have to remove my evil features!!!! Ordered one for each of my ARs. Works flawlessly!

Your mag kicks ass!

Written by Matt W. on Feb 6th 2018

Your mag kicks ass! I installed one on my dads ar15, it’s easy to install and worked very well. We ran 300 rounds through yesterday without any issues. You’ve made ar15’s great again for us folks in California. You’ve also made another several customers since there were a bunch of people checking it out at the range. We will be ordering more for our other rifles. I am very much looking forward to the AK version. I will want to get one as soon as they are released. Thanks for making such a great product!


Written by Johnny Robinson on Feb 6th 2018

Just put 500 rounds through your mag and it's the best CA compliant solution .. so far it's also the only compliant device that makes feeding issues a breeze to clear. I would like to carry a couple of your mags in stock in my shop for my customers. Again I appreciate a good product that actually functions .. thanks

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