AR-15 CompMag. GEN 3

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The AR-15 CompMag.  GEN.3 

CA. Compliant. 

N.Y. Compliant with the simple addition of epoxy over the lock cover.

Lifetime Warranty. If something ever breaks, we will replace it.

10 Round capacity. 

Newest Version.  GEN.3 (updated February 15, 2021)

Instantly locks into your firearm. The CompMag can be easily removed by breaking your action, removing the lock cover on the magazine, and pushing out the mag with the release tool. The release tool is included with your CompMag.

The GEN.3 CompMag automatically locks into your firearm once it is inserted.

Our unique fixed magazine design creates an ammunition feeding device designed to be contained in or permanently attached to a firearm in such a manner that it cannot be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.

Allows you to keep the AR-15 features you love on your rifle. (pistol grip, forward grip, retractable stock, and flash hider).

No need to "break your action" or deviate from the normal operation of your firearm to reload.  

Loads easier than a standard magazine. No heavy spring to push each round against.

Will fully load on a closed or open bolt.

Instant installation.  No holes to drill. No need to modify your firearm.

Very easy to remove, should you decide to shoot outside of California.

Ultra durable and heavy duty, built to last. 150% to 300% thicker side walls than most polymer magazines.

17-7 Stainless steel magazine spring.

CNC turned steel charging handle with glossy black oxide finish.

Round counter indicates exactly how many rounds are left in your firearm, including what's in your chamber.

Holds the bolt open after the last round is fired.

Allows for easy clearing of type 3 malfunctions (such as double feeds).

Can be used in California and other restrictive firearm states. Check your local and state laws before ordering.



Patented Innovation. (CompMag has 7 patents at this time.)

Designed and Made In the U.S.A.   Right here in California.



It does not, by itself, make your firearm New York Compliant. For N.Y. compliance you must either epoxy the release hole cover once the CompMag is installed, or use another N.Y. locking device. For information on New York Compliance please read "Is the CompMag N.Y. Safe act compliant" at AR-15 CompMag Information.

In New York, often times a MAG-LOCK is installed on the firearm, which disables the mag release. The CompMag can be squeezed by the mag-lock device if it is installed too tightly, and will result in the rounds or the follower not moving through the CompMag properly causing misfeeds. Always check the mag function before using epoxy on the mag-lock.



Compatible with .223, 5.56, .300ACC Blackout, and .277 Wolverine Ammunition.

Compatible with standard AR-15 type lowers. (M4, M16, AR15).

For receivers with Cerakoted magwells we recommend  roughing up or removing the Cerakote inside the magwell where the locking wheel sits when the CompMag is inserted. You can easily do this with a bit of sandpaper. Cerakote is a slick, hard surface and will prevent the locking wheel from engaging so it must be removed for the mag to lock in properly.

Compatible with other firearms that accept a STANAG (AR-15) magazine and have a removable upper receiver; including the SCAR16, CZ Bren 2 (5.56), Bushmaster ACR, SIG MCX, SIG 556, Galil ACE, BRN180M, Springfield Saint Edge ATC, and Daewoo DR200.

NOT compatible with lowers that have a custom or extended magazine well (such as Seekins SP225, Sharps Bros, HK MR556, HK 416, and Spike's Jack).

Not compatible with most bullpup firearms such as the Tavor and Steyer AUG as you cannot separate the receiver to remove the CompMag without destroying the magazine. We are working on a retrofit kit for the Hellion but as of now it does not lock in to satisfy AW compliance as the magazine sleeve is removable.

Compatible with the A3 Tactical Triad bullpup chassis. You will need to trim the top of the CompMag loading door to get it fully latch, but it's an easy fix.

NOT compatible with top loaders such as the MA loader or the Bear Flag Defense loader.



Before using, please read the instructions and watch the videos found in the recent posts section on our home page, entitled "Loading and Unloading your CompMag. Clearing Double Feeds.". This will help you better understand how the CompMag operates.   

Thank you.


 As we, and our Attorneys, understand it, this product falls within the laws as written. At this point it has not been endorsed or approved by any law enforcement agency or regulatory body within the United States, due to their reluctance to endorse any compliance products. Once contacted, the D.O.J. told us that they would not endorse any compliance products and that we should seek the advice of a qualified firearms attorney.

We then had our firearms attorneys research the topic of California compliance thoroughly and their professional opinion is that the CompMag would be deemed a fixed magazine in accordance with California Law. Letters from them can be found on our home page under "Recent Posts".

Even though we have had our Firearms Attorneys approve this product as a fixed magazine according to California law, your situation may be different. For example, putting a CompMag on a banned AR-15 or a short barreled rifle (SBR) will not make it compliant. Know your local/state laws and regulations prior to purchasing this product. If you are unsure whether or not you have an assault weapon, please contact a firearms attorney.

CompMag LLC. is not held responsible for injury or damage from inaccurate assembly, misuse, illegal use or modification of this device, nor are we held responsible for your understanding or interpretation of the laws and regulations that may apply.

Thank you.


Reviews (36)

Comp mag Gen 3

Written by Angel on Jun 5th 2024

California compliant for my AR-15 keep all my accessories on it work well thanks Comp Mag

AR15 Compmag

Written by Roy on May 5th 2024

Works great for making my AR California legal and functions well. I am going to get one in 308 next because of this. Since I live in a state that absolutely sucks maybe you can send me one for free to keep freedom alive

Compmag for ar-15

Written by Bobby on Mar 31st 2024

The piece works great! Really locks in and I’m so happy it allows for all the features to be compliant to the tyrannical rules in California.

CompMag gen 3

Written by Timothy J Cody on Mar 26th 2024

A perfect product for those of us who want to enjoy an AR15 in CA. Retains the looks and features which are desirable in an AR15. Easy to convert back when enjoying a shooting experience in a free state.

Gen 3

Written by Tyler Crandall on Mar 13th 2024

This is the best innovation to come out for the people's republic of New York. It makes the ar15 totally not scary and let's the government rest easy knowing that I can't drop the magazine anymore. Install instructions are straightforward. Only wish they would make one for 6.5 grendel.

AR15 Comp Mag

Written by Tony G on Mar 3rd 2024

Works Great.!! Easy to load, and easy to remove.!! If your in CA it's a must!!


Written by Art Rodriguez on Feb 28th 2024

The magazine worked as described in the YouTube I watched it made my AR-15 smith and Wesson California compliant. Was easy to use and take off. Was very surprised how easy it was to install.

Great Item!

Written by Michael on Feb 21st 2024

5 Stars! Helps make Your AR-15 Compliant. Is easy to remove when leaving the State, to shoot . Well made and nice to have if You're making Modifications like Grip, Stock replacement Improvements!

Great Improvement!

Written by Ray on Feb 12th 2024

These gen 3 mags are awesome compared to the previous versions. Totally plug/play and no fuss! Slapped one of these on my new ar15 build and easily put down 100rds w/o issues. Unlike the previous version with a screw tension to lock the mag and would have to adjust a bit so misfeeds dont happen, this newer version is cleaner and smoother in design!


Written by Ken on Jan 17th 2024

This is an excellent, very well made 10 round magazine. It allows you to keep all of your "Evil Features" on your AR platform in occupied states. This converts your AR to a "Fixed Magazine" without any permanent modifications to the lower receiver. You keep the mil spec bolt catch, mag release, and all other parts.

Just Rite

Written by DkEmilio Bravo on Jan 16th 2024

Nice and EZ .

Compmag GENIii ar style

Written by ANthony c. on Jan 4th 2024

Out of the box, a very solid and durable mag! Easy, instant installation for California compliance. Removing it took a little effort with the provided tool, but an insignificant inconvenience for the ability to have all of my accessories. Great product, easy to load, no spring failures yet at the range!

Best on the MARKET

Written by Boris on Nov 13th 2023

Solid mag, Best option for CA compliance. GEN 3 is the easiest to install and take out


Written by Ray K on Nov 6th 2023

Living in California, you always have to think about compliance. I carry a carbine with me every day, and don’t want to be deemed a criminal. I shoot at least 3 times a week and compmag makes this an easy and efficient process. The reason I use compmag vs other strategies is that it doesn’t change the way I use my carbine. I also carry an extra compmag on my person when I’m at a public range because it goes in quick and doesn’t require tools for anyone who needs to make changes on the spot. In an imperfect environment I really like compmag it is the best tool for the job!!!!! Thanks compmag your gen3 rocks

Compmag AR 10 and AR 15 Gen3

Written by Enis on Aug 17th 2023

Not only these innovative magazines have allowed me to enjoy my ARs costumed to my liking in a restricted state, they are also very well made, rugged, and durable nevertheless on the off chance if there was any issues, customer service department is quick courteous and efficient. I had a minor issue with the magazine that I needed help with and to my surprise I was able to reach the president of the company who was very helpful and knowledgeable about his product and in few sentences the issue was resolved. I highly recommend these magazines as they are very well made and to support innovation in the gun industry. You guys are great!


Written by BDP on Aug 17th 2023

So far I could not be happier. Works great and when it's time to remove it from the firearm, it's simple and easy.


Written by Ray Bilyea Abriam-Stewart on Aug 2nd 2023

Works as advertised. Had a problem loading when I was learning it, but now no issues, works great

Best option to stay compliant

Written by Jeff Cicero on Jul 25th 2023

I have purchased and recommended compmag many times over. I like being able to keep my rifle the way it was designed to be and not having to go featureless. Compmag works as advertised, a great product with a great support team. Will continue to use and recommend!!!!!

Great option

Written by Josh on Jul 12th 2023

The compmag functions great and I like how easy it is to remove if need be

AR-15 Compmag Gen. 3

Written by Brian on Jul 6th 2023

The PERFECT and best solution for those living behind enemy lines in socialist states like NY, Ca, etc. for “compliance” at range days, etc. Only downside is the rifle will always appear loaded with the fixed magazine and good luck with a double feed. Like it so much a bought a second as well as an AR-10 version. It would be INCREDIBLE if comp mag can produce magazines for as many rifles/weapons as possible.


Written by Derek BRown on Jun 20th 2023

Works well, easily installed.


Written by Joe on May 15th 2023

Very well made! I went with the COMPGAG "fixed mag" option because I wanted to keep all of my mil-spec "EVIL" features. There are other options out there but you have to replace some of your mil-spec parts and I wanted to keep EVERYTHING mil-spec. When you remove the COMPMAG you are setup with all your existing mil-spec parts just like any free state. This is a Great "Fixed Mag" option!!


Written by Jerry on May 14th 2023

I have a Gen1 and I thought is was easy to use, but the Gen3 is is an amazing upgrade. I am very pleased with their product.

AR-15 CompMag

Written by DArrin Lyons on Apr 10th 2023

I was pleasantly surprised to find these NY compliant magazines. It was easy to install and easy to use. I find the CompMags much easier to use than top loading standard pinned magazines. When you live in a state with lots of rules - NEW YORK - it is nice to find well made compliant alternatives. Thank you

AR-15 Gen3

Written by Mike R. on Mar 19th 2023

Solidly built, As described. I'd buy another.

Best Solution Ever for CAlifornia

Written by Paul on Jan 5th 2023

I used to be a "featureless" guy. But I am sick of stupid uncomfortable grips and fixed stocks and dubious muzzle devices. I want fully featured rifles. I do not want to compromise. And Compmag is the answer. This is what I want from my "fixed mag" solution: 1 - I want to be 100% legal for storage and transport. I want to comply with the law, not just the letter, but the intent and spirit of the law. Not only do I want every cop or DA who handles it to immediately know that it is legal, I want them to be unable to even figure out how to remove the magazine. 2 - I want minimal or better yet no modification of the rifle. 3 - I want it to be easy and fast to convert back to a normal rifle (for SHTF or out-of-state use etc). 4 - I want it to be possible and reasonably easy to actually use the rifle with the thing on. Compmag is all of these things. It is hands down the best way to go in Commiefornia.

Comp mag 3gen

Written by Charles Green on Oct 4th 2022

Thought the previous invention was good but they still made a great improvement. Thank you

Best ca compliance option on the market

Written by Jeff Cicero on Jun 16th 2022

I have tried various options for ca compliance. I have tried the hell fighter, different fin grips, featureless etc. Once I found the compmag, I ditched all my other options and went head first into compmag. It is the best option for fixed mag compliance which allows me to clear jams, operate the rifle as intended, and not alter my rifle. When I leave the state all I have to do is switch my mag and I have a standard AR. I have spoken with the owner of the company and he was very helpful and stands behind his product. I have referred ALL my friends and anyone who asks to Compmag. IT is my ONLY solution.

Comp Mag AR15

Written by MD Arms on Jun 11th 2022

Great product. Installed in place of pinned 10 round magazine. No issues to date, performance has been consistent and without jamming.

Product review

Written by MD Arms on Jun 6th 2022

Great product for CA and NY firearm owners.

Gen 3 ar mag

Written by Farid on May 18th 2022

So far so good. I like the new design with the pin hole to release it. Now i dont have to look for a flathead to unscrew it. I have both gen 2 and 3 and both are running well with no issues. Put about a couple hundred rounds so far. I would get more for sure

compmag 3

Written by samuel on May 16th 2022

good product. not yet ran it too much. much better then the previous mags.

COmpmag Ar15 gen 3

Written by Dan on May 8th 2022

So far so good. Haven’t got a chance to test fire but it installed very easily. Looking forward to some range time.

Awesome improvements

Written by Cooper on Apr 28th 2022

Gen 3 is amazing! Fits perfect! Thicker plastic. BEST one yet! Hands down the best option for states with restrictions! Highly recommended!!

Gen. 3 comp mag

Written by Aaron scott Demorest on Mar 25th 2022

Huge improvement from the gen. 2 compmag!!!! I used my gen.2 once, and had a lot of issues with it. Spent a lot of time trying to adjust it to get it to cycle properly and could never get it quite right. But the gen.3 was excellent. Plug and play!! Wish the gen.3 was out before I wasted my money on the gen.2!!!

COMPMAG Gen 3 for AR-15

Written by Ron J on Mar 1st 2022

This is the best 'fixed magazine' solution for anyone in California that owns an AR-15, period. Very easy to install, remove and use. I applaud whoever engineered this item, they did a great job. Very user-friendly, and not complicated in how it functions compared to some other products out there. I recommend this product 100%.

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