Frequently Asked Questions


Is the CompMag Connecticut Compliant?

I believe, in my non-legal opinion, that the CompMag will be compliant for Connecticut, but I cannot officially endorse it until our Firearms Attorneys have given me an official Legal Analysis of our products with regard to CT law. They are currently working on it. Once it is done, it will be shared on our home page as a reference as to how we understand the law.

Will the CompMag work with .300 Blackout or other rounds?

The AR-15 CompMag can accept .223, 5.56, .300ACC Blackout, and .277 Wolverine ammunition.

The AR-15 CompMag will not accept 6.5 Gendel, 6.8 SPC, .458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf, 5.7x28mm, or 7.62x39mm.

The AR-10 CompMag is compatible with .308, 7.62x51, and 6.5 Creedmoor ammunition.

The AK-47 CompMag will only accept 7.62x39.

 DSI Fixed Mag Receivers

Many of you have asked if a CompMag can be used in a Dark Storm fixed mag receiver. Yes it can, but the removal of the original mag can be a bit difficult. Here is a customer made video on this topic.

Is the CompMag Washington State HB 1240 compliant?

Washington State recently passed HB 1240. This is their take on an "assault weapons" ban. It is complicated, but we will try our best to explain it to you. Please click on the CompMag logo in the upper left corner of the screen and then scroll down to the Recent Posts section. You will find Washington State HB 1240. Click on it and information will come up about this topic.

My GEN.3 CompMag is not staying in my Cerakoted Magwell. How do I fix it?

Cerakote is a very slick, hard coating. For receivers with a Cerakoted mag well, you may need to rough up or remove the Cerakote inside the magwell to allow the locking wheel to bite and lock. This should be done where the locking wheel sits inside the magwell once the CompMag is inserted and can easily be accomplished with a small piece of sandpaper.

Often times, just trying to pull out the CompMag a few times is enough to break the surface of the Cerakote and allow it to lock, but the above method is recommended.

You may also use the GEN.2 with Cerakote as it's locking system is different, But we recommend the GEN.3 as it is improved in many ways.

My GEN.3 CompMag is stuck in my receiver and I can't remove it. What should I do?

Don't worry. Your CompMag is doing exactly what it is designed to do. The GEN.3 CompMag has a passive locking system that only engages when you try to pull the CompMag out of the receiver. Once your CompMag is pulled out, even a little bit, the locking system is engaged. Once engaged, the harder you pull on the CompMag to get it out, the tighter it becomes. Also, once the locking system is tightly engaged you will not be able to release it with the release tool. You must first disengage the locking system.

To disengage the locking system, simply re-seat the CompMag by pushing it back up into the receiver (give it a smack if you have to). Once the magazine is fully seated, the locking system automatically disengages.  At this point the release tool can be used to disable the locking mechanism so that you will be able to remove the CompMag from your firearm.

To remove the CompMag, hold down the magazine release on your firearm, insert the release tool into the hole on top of the magazine, and push the CompMag out of the magwell with the tool.

Pushing the CompMag out with the tool ensures the locking mechanism is disengaged through the full length of the magwell.

Also, if you test the CompMag's ability to remain fixed by trying to pull it out, be sure to re-seat it before using the firearm.

Thank you.

What is the difference between the GEN.2 and GEN.3 CompMags?

The GEN.2 AR-15 and AR-10 CompMag utilize an expanding polyurethane insert in the side of the magazine to lock it in to the firearm. Once the GEN.2 is inserted into the magwell, you must separate the upper and lower and tighten a locking screw on the top of the magazine. This screw expands the locking insert, locking the magazine into your firearm utilizing friction between the insert and the magwell.

To remove the GEN.2 magazine you must separate the upper and lower again and loosen the screw, then pull out the magazine.

In states like New York, on the GEN.2 one can put epoxy over the locking screw to make it permanently attached, removing the capacity to accept a detachable magazine.

The GEN.3 AR-15 and AR-10 CompMags utilize a spring loaded steel wheel as the locking mechanism instead of a polyurethane insert. When you insert the GEN.3 into your magwell, the locking element pushes down and allows the magazine to be inserted into the firearm. Once your CompMag is inserted into your magwell, the CompMag is locked into your firearm with no additional steps. Should you try to pull the CompMag out of the firearm, the spring loaded locking wheel engages between the Mag and the magwell preventing the removal of the magazine. The harder you pull, the tighter it locks.

To remove the GEN.3 CompMag you must separate the upper and lower and remove the lock hole cover. Removal of the cover will expose a release hole that the release tool will go into. While holding down the magazine release on your firearm, insert the release tool into the hole and push the mag out of the magwell with the tool. The release tool is included with your CompMag.

In states like New York, on the GEN.3 one can epoxy on the release hole cover making it permanently attached, removing the capacity to accept a detachable magazine, as the release hole is not accessible. Should you move out of state, the release hole cover does have a divot in the top showing you where to drill the cover to access the release hole. Once drilled, remove as described above.

You can watch demo videos for the GEN.2 and GEN.3 CompMags below:


Will the CompMag fit my rifle that uses compatible mags but is not an AR or AK based firearm?

We have had experience with may firearms on the market, but not all of them. There are many firearms that are not AR or AK based that our CompMags will fit. Many of them (but not all of them) are listed in the product description for each particular magazine. If your rifle uses compatible magazines but you are not sure if the CompMag will fit your rifle check the following:

The Gen 3 is automatically locking, so before you install it, insert a regular magazine into your firearm and remove the lower receiver. Be sure that you can remove the receiver with a magazine still in it. Once the receiver is removed, be sure you can access the top of the magazine while it is still in the receiver. You will need to do this to remove the CompMag once it is installed. If you install the Gen.3 before checking this and you can't remove the receiver (with a mag installed) and access the top of the mag, you will never be able to get the Gen.3 CompMag back out, so check it first.

The Gen 2 CompMag (or AK CompMag) requires you to access the top of the mag to both install and remove them, so the above process for the Gen.3 still applies, but they utilize a screw for locking purposes. They are a little more forgiving as they are not locked in until you access the top of the mag to lock them in. If for some reason, you install the CompMag by pushing it in and can't remove the lower receiver (with a mag in it) to access the top of the mag, you can still remove the Gen.2 or AK CompMags as they are not locked in yet.

Bullpup firearms such as the Tavor do not have a 2-piece receiver (upper and lower). This may limit your access to the top of the mag for removing it. For the AR Gen 3, even though you may be able to get the CompMag in and locked in place, you may not be able to get it out. You may not be able to access the release hole. On the Gen.2, you may not be able to lock it in. Always check with a regular magazine to be sure you can perform the steps necessary to install and remove a CompMag before ordering. If you do order it and it doesn’t fit, you can always send it back for a refund, but checking first saves you some time.

Please let us know if you have used the CompMag in a firearm that is not AR or AK based and how it went. This info will be used to inform others who may have the same question. Thank you.

 Will CompMag make larger capacity magazines now that Duncan v. Becerra is over ruled?

 We have received many inquiries as to whether or not we are now going to make larger capacity CompMags due to the Duncan v. Becerra ruling. While this decision is a major victory for the Second amendment and gun owners in California, it unfortunately does not affect the current assault weapons regulations. The ability to own a 30 round mag and the “assault weapon” regulations are two different beasts and must be fought one at a time.

 Duncan v. Becerra addressed the topic of owning, possessing, or purchasing “high capacity” magazines. It is still in the appeals process and the stay is still in effect.

 The “assault weapon” regulations SB 880 and AB1135 address what is and what is not considered an “assault weapon” in California. These regulations have not been altered as a result of the Duncan v. Becerra ruling. This is a separate matter that has to be heard in front of a judge to be overturned or modified. So, for now, 10 round, fixed mags are still what is required.

 Should SB 880 and AB 1135 become overturned or modified, of course we will adjust our magazines to give you the best product possible, but for now it has not changed.

 Does the CompMag come with everything I need for a fixed mag installation?

The AR-15 and AR-10 CompMags come with everything you need for installation in California. In New York, you must use epoxy over the locking screw (GEN.2) or epoxy on the release cover (GEN.3). You may also use an alternate means to make your CompMag "permanently" attached. For more information on this please see the post titled: "Is the CompMag N.Y. safe act compliant" at  AR-15 CompMag Information.  For your convenience, a single use packet of epoxy can be found here: Hardman Double/Bubble Epoxy.

The AK-47 CompMag comes with everything you need for installation into a STAMPED AK-47 receiver in California. If you have a MILLED AK-47 receiver, you will need to purchase the "Milled receiver locking plate" found here: AK-47 Milled Receiver Locking Plate.  In New York, you must use epoxy over the locking screw to make it "permanently" attached.

 Do we make other versions or calibers of the CompMag that are not listed on our site?

Sorry, but currently we do not. We would love to make a CompMag for every type of firearm out there, but it is very costly to do so. Design, prototyping, testing, and tooling all add up very quickly and make it necessary for us to carefully choose which magazines we make. If we can't sell enough of each style of magazine to make up the cost, we can't stay in business.

Right now, California and New York are the only states that require our CompMags. This limits our potential customers for each type of mag. I believe that as our customer base grows, we can branch out and make some of the less common magazines and still be able to recover our costs.

We are always trying to come out with new models and try to release a new version every year at SHOT Show.

I am having loading or cycling problems with my CompMag. What should I do?

Loading or cycling issues can be caused a few things:

1. Laying down the firearm, turning it upside down, or not holding it in an upright position when loading your CompMag can cause the rounds to turn vertical in the magazine. Always hold your firearm upright while loading. See this post for details on proper loading:
2. On the AR-15/AR-10 (GEN.2) versions, when using the locking screw for compliance, if the CompMag is installed into the receiver with too much force, it can cause binding inside of the mag. Over tightening the locking screw can cause the locking insert to expand excessively and squeeze the magazine. This can cause both loading and cycling problems as the rounds may not feed through the magazine properly. If this is the case, simply loosening the locking screw can solve your issues. See this post for more details:
In New York often times a mag lock is installed on the firearm, which disables the mag release. Installing this too tightly will cause the same issue. you will know if you have one of these installed by pressing the mag release. If it does not press in, you have a mag lock device which prohibits the pressing of the mag release. The mag can be squeezed by the mag lock device if it is installed too tightly, and will result in rounds or the follower not moving through the mag properly. Always check functionality of the mag before using epoxy on a maglock.
3. On the AK-47 version, certain VEPR and SAIGA firearms will require a trunion bullet guide to be installed to be compatible with AK-47 magazines. Not having this installed will result in the round hitting below the chamber, causing the firearm to not cycle properly.
4. If this doesn't work contact us. We will be happy to help.
What if I get a vertical round in the magazine? What should I do?
If you should happen to get a round vertical in the mag, gently bring the charging handle on the CompMag to the most top-ward position it can go (this may be only half way up). Next remove the bottom plate on the mag by pushing in the gray button on the bottom of the mag and pushing the bottom plate forward. The bottom plate may be snug, so give it a tap with something hard while holding the button down. The plate and spring will be under some spring pressure, so be ready for the spring to come out. Once the bottom cap is off and the spring is out, unscrew the charging handle and pull the follower out of the bottom. This will allow any mixed up rounds to simply fall out the bottom of the mag.
Once the mag is clear, reassemble, and you should be ready to go.
You can also watch this video on assembly and disassembly of your CompMag found here:
My follower broke. Why did this happen? What can I do to get a new part?
 The CompMag is unlike other magazines. YOU have control over the spring. The spring is very powerful, especially in the larger AR-10 model. Pulling down the spring with the charging handle, letting go of it, and letting it shoot upwards towards the top of the mag will result in damage to the follower. Doing this repeatedly will result in the follower breaking. This also causes the follower to slam into your bolt catch when the magazine is empty and in your firearm.
Just don't do it.
Always guide the charging handle up with a finger when the magazine is empty or loaded with just a few rounds to prevent the follower or your rounds from crashing into the top of your mag.
If you break a follower we will replace it. Use the contact form to let us know what you need and include your order number and current address.
How do I clear a double feed?
Clearing a double feed is easy with the CompMag. Watch the video here:
Can you make me a custom CompMag for my firearm?
Sorry, we cannot make one-off custom mags. We understand your frustration living in a restrictive state, but a CompMag is very complicated to make. Countless hours of design and testing go into each mag, and the tooling is very expensive. I apologize that we cannot help you at this time, but making just one or two of a certain type on mag would be very cost prohibitive.
What is the little spring wire and button head screw that comes with the AK-47 CompMag used for? Do I need to install it?
The spring and button head (rounded) screw that comes with the AK-47 CompMag is not required for installation. We wanted to include a fix should your magazine wear excessively and not hold the round properly for loading into the chamber. If this does occur, adding the top spring will push the round back under the feed lip properly for chambering.
We have never installed this on any of our firearms as it has never been needed on our firearms. We thought we would throw it in just in case. We figure it is better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.
Do we make a 5 round limiter for hunting?
At this time we do not make a 5 round limiter for hunting.  We have had customers disassemble the mag and put something inside of the magazine (like a cut down paint stir stick) so that only 5 rounds can be inserted into the mag.The follower would then bottom out on the blockage so that only 5 rounds can be inserted. 
There are a couple issues with this:
1. You would need to top load the mag while it is in your firearm as the follower will not go down far enough to load through the side door of the mag. This may not too big of deal, because while hunting, you are not reloading often.
2. We have NOT ran this method through a firearm attorney. Because of this fact we can't recommend doing this. It may be legal in your state, but you will need to check your local state laws.
Can I modify an older version of the AR-15 Compmag to work with .300 Blackout ammunition?
Older versions of the AR-15 CompMag (sold before Jan. 31 2019) can be made to work with .300 BLK. See below for modification instructions.