About CompMag


    CompMag is a company born out of necessity. In 2016 the laws changed in California. This put Californian gun owners in a terrible spot.  We love our guns.  We do not want to register our guns as "assault weapons". We want to keep our guns. It is our Constitutional right to do so.

     We needed to find a solution that could work across many different types and styles of "assault weapons". The one thing in common with most of these firearms that would make them "California compliant" was to give them a fixed magazine. We went to work.

   Countless designs were made, multiple patents were applied for, our lawyers were consulted, manufacturers were interviewed, and in 2017 our first product came out. The AR-15 CompMag. 

   The CompMag is The first of its kind. It's a 10 round, fixed, loadable magazine, made entirely in California U.S.A.. It is designed to last, and it is made with the best materials available. We are very proud of our first CompMag and have since released an AK-47 and an AR-10 version.

    The CompMag is easy to install and remove. It is the ultimate fixed magazine solution for your firearm. Even though it has a fixed magazine, you can easily load it and enjoy your firearm.

   We hope you love it as much as we do, and thank you for your support.

    David Maga

    President, CompMag LLC.