AR-10 CompMag GEN.3

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The AR-10 CompMag.

CA. Compliant.

N.Y. Compliant with the simple addition of epoxy on the release hole cover.

Lifetime Warranty. If something ever breaks, we will replace it.

8 Round capacity.

 Newest Version.  GEN.3 (updated February 15, 2021)

 Instantly locks into your firearm. The CompMag can be easily removed by breaking your action, removing the lock cover on the magazine, and pushing out the mag with the release tool. The release tool is included with your CompMag.

The GEN.3 CompMag automatically locks into your firearm once it is inserted.

Our unique fixed magazine design creates an ammunition feeding device designed to be contained in or permanently attached to a firearm in such a manner that it cannot be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.

Allows you to keep the AR-10 features you love on your rifle. (pistol grip, forward grip, retractable stock, and flash hider).

No need to "break your action" or deviate from the normal operation of your firearm to reload.

Loads easier than a standard magazine. No heavy spring to push each round against.

Will fully load on a closed or open bolt.

Instant installation. No holes to drill. No need to modify your firearm.

Very easy to remove, should you decide to shoot outside of California.

Ultra durable and heavy duty, built to last. 150% to 300% thicker side walls than most polymer magazines.

17-7 Stainless steel magazine spring.

CNC turned steel charging handle with glossy black oxide finish.

Round counter indicates exactly how many rounds are left in your firearm, including what's in your chamber.

Holds the bolt open after the last round is fired.

Allows for easy clearing of type 3 malfunctions (such as double feeds).

Can be used in California and other restrictive firearm states. Check your local and state laws before ordering.



Patented Innovation. (CompMag has 7 patents at this time.)

Designed and Made In the U.S.A.   Right here in California.



It does not, by itself, make your firearm New York Compliant. For N.Y. compliance you must either epoxy the release hole cover once the CompMag is installed, or use another N.Y. locking device. For information on New York Compliance please read "Is the CompMag N.Y. Safe act compliant" at AR-15 CompMag Information.

In New York, often times a mag-lock is installed on the firearm, which disables the mag release. The CompMag can be squeezed by the mag-lock device if it is installed too tightly, and will result in the rounds or the follower not moving through the CompMag properly causing misfeeds. Always check the mag function before using epoxy on the mag-lock.


DPMS/SR25 compatible.

Compatible ammunition:  7.62X51 / .308 / 6.5 Creedmoor

Compatible with standard AR-10 type lowers.

MCX Spear compatible.

For receivers with Cerakoted magwells we recommend  roughing up or removing the Cerakote inside the magwell where the locking wheel sits when the CompMag is inserted. You can easily do this with a bit of sandpaper. Cerakote is a slick, hard surface and will prevent the locking wheel from engaging so it must be removed for the mag to lock in properly.

NOT compatible with lowers that have a custom or extended magazine well. It will work with the Ruger 5610 even though the magwell is not a standard shape.

NOT compatible with H&K MR 7.62 due to the flat magwell shape.

We have had mixed reviews when using the CompMag on the LMT MWS 6.5 Creedmoor and the LMT MWS Mars-H. Lately the reviews have been positive. If it does not work, please contact us.

NOT compatible in bullpup firearms such as the Tavor as you cannot separate the upper to release the CompMag.

NOT compatible with top loaders such as the MA loader or the Bear Flag Defense loader.

NOT compatible with Armalite AR-10B rifles that accept Armailite magazines.



Before using, please read the instructions and watch the videos found in the recent posts section on our home page, entitled "Loading and Unloading your CompMag. Clearing Double Feeds.". This will help you better understand how the CompMag operates.  


Thank you.



As we, and our Attorneys, understand it, this product falls within the laws as written. At this point it has not been endorsed or approved by any law enforcement agency or regulatory body within the United States, due to their reluctance to endorse any compliance products. Once contacted, the D.O.J. told us that they would not endorse any compliance products and that we should seek the advice of a qualified firearms attorney.

We then had our firearms attorneys research the topic of California compliance thoroughly and their professional opinion is that the CompMag would be deemed a fixed magazine in accordance with California Law. Letters from them can be found on our home page under "Recent Posts".

Even though we have had our Firearms Attorneys approve this product as a fixed magazine according to California law, your situation may be different. For example, putting a CompMag on a banned AR-15/AR-10 or a short barreled rifle (SBR) will not make it compliant. Know your local/state laws and regulations prior to purchasing this product. If you are unsure whether or not you have an assault weapon, please contact a firearms attorney.

CompMag LLC. is not held responsible for injury or damage from inaccurate assembly, misuse, illegal use or modification of this device, nor are we held responsible for your understanding or interpretation of the laws and regulations that may apply.


Thank you.

Reviews (6)

Ar-10 fixed magazine

Written by Mitch Chechik on Apr 3rd 2024

Seems to work well, but it's only 8 round capacity. I just wish it wre 10 rounds.


Written by Derek on Mar 24th 2024

Haven’t had a chance to fire weapon yet but the Compmag fit is great and loads easy. Will be soon ordering one for my 5.56 so I can take it to the range.


Written by AJ on Jul 30th 2023

I was excited to see a CompMag for the AR-10. The new design is really good and super simple to use. It my favorite compmag so far. I own both the 15 and 10 but the 10 is the second generation, and it great.

AR-10 Compmag Gen. 3

Written by Brian on Jul 6th 2023

After purchasing a compmag Gen 3 for one of my AR15 builds I quickly purchased another as well as one for an AR10. Best solution at this time IMO for a fixed magazine setup for those living in socialist NY or Cali. I’d love to see more magazines produced for other platforms. ??


Written by D.D. on Mar 5th 2023

Good product for us stuck under tyrant rule of California. Got them to take to the range so nothing can happen.

AR-10 MAG .308

Written by ERIC BAKKER on Jan 5th 2023


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