AK-47 CompMag.

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The AK-47 CompMag. 

CA. Compliant.

N.Y. Compliant with the simple addition of epoxy over the locking plate screw.

10 Round Capacity, Fixed, Loadable Magazine. (price is for one unit)

Lifetime Warranty. If something ever breaks, we will replace it.

For AK receivers that accept a double stacked magazine.

Includes a stainless steel locking plate, 2 screws, thread locker, and allen wrench for installation into a Stamped Receiver. For Milled Receivers you must purchase the additional AK-47 Milled Receiver Locking Plate.

***Also includes a stainless steel top spring and button head screw. Should your choose at some point to add more tension to the feed lip of your mag, this is an optional part that you can install. There is no need to initially install it, and it probably will never be necessary to use, but we wanted to include it just in case.

Our unique fixed magazine design creates an ammunition feeding device designed to be contained in or permanently attached to a firearm in such a manner that it cannot be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.

Fixed installation methods are provided to let the end user determine how they wish to modify their magazine.

Allows you to keep the AK-47 features you love on your rifle. (pistol grip, forward grip, retractable stock, and flash hider).

Loads easier than a standard magazine. No heavy spring to push each round against.

One screw installation.  No holes to drill. No need to modify your firearm.

Two minutes to install. Two minutes to remove, should you decide to shoot outside of California.

Constructed of impact and crush resistant, G.F. Nylon 6 fiberglass reinforced polymer composite.

Ultra durable and heavy duty, built to last. 150% to 300% thicker side walls than most polymer magazines.

17-7 Stainless steel magazine spring, CNC turned steel charging handle with glossy black oxide finish.

Round counter indicates exactly how many rounds are left in your firearm, including what's in your chamber.

Can be used in California and other restrictive firearm states. Check your local and state laws before ordering.



Patent Pending Innovation. (CompMag has 6 patents pending at this time.)

Designed and Made In the U.S.A.   Right here in California.



It does not, by itself, make your firearm New York Compliant. For N.Y. compliance you must either epoxy over the screw once the CompMag is installed or use another N.Y. locking device. For information on New York Compliance please read "Is the CompMag N.Y. Safe act compliant" at AR-15 CompMag Information.



Compatible with AK-47 firearms that accept a double stacked magazine.

For Milled Receivers you must purchase the additional AK-47 Milled Receiver Locking Plate.

Compatible with 7.62x39 Ammunition.

With some VEPR and SAIGA models a trunnion bullet guide may need to be installed to accept standard AK-47 magazines.



Before using, please read the instructions and watch the videos found in the recent posts section on our home page, entitled "Loading and Unloading Your CompMag. Clearing Double Feeds.". This will help you better understand how the CompMag operates.   

Thank you.


 As we, and our Attorneys, understand it, this product falls within the laws as written. At this point it has not been endorsed or approved by any law enforcement agency or regulatory body within the United States, due to their reluctance to endorse any compliance products. Once contacted, the D.O.J. told us that they would not endorse any compliance products and that we should seek the advice of a qualified firearms attorney.

 We then had our firearms attorneys research the topic of California compliance thoroughly and their professional opinion is that the CompMag would be deemed a fixed magazine in accordance with California Law. Letters from them can be found on our home page under "Recent Posts".

 Even though we have had our Firearms Attorneys approve this product as a fixed magazine according to California law, your situation may be different. For example, putting a CompMag on a banned AR-15 or a short barreled rifle (SBR) will not make it compliant. Know your local/state laws and regulations prior to purchasing this product. If you are unsure whether or not you have an assault weapon, please contact a firearms attorney.

 CompMag LLC. is not held responsible for injury or damage from inaccurate assembly, misuse, illegal use or modification of this device, nor are we held responsible for your understanding or interpretation of the laws and regulations that may apply.


Thank you.


Reviews (26)

Ak47 Compmag Review

Written by Jairo on Sep 24th 2020

Very easy to install, works perfect, very fast shipping, best magazine i got for making my RPK CA complaint oh yeah and it fits on an RPKs not just AK47 or the others guns listed in their site


Written by Jason Starbuck on Sep 23rd 2020

Ended up selling my AK to a NY resident and CompMag was able to make the deal complete.

ak47 compmag

Written by isaac gnap on Sep 22nd 2020

mag looks good. install is easy and quick. for people in california who are slowly having there gun rights taken away this is the best solution (as of today) for a ak47 a must have. way better then that fin grip thing.

Perfect option

Written by Dan on Aug 24th 2020

I work at a gun shop we install these in every ak we sell as well as have a comp mag in my personal ak never had any issues installing or with operation of the comp mag so if you live i a communist state like ny, ca and dont want to mutilate your rifle this is the way to go

AK-47/74 Aluminum Rail System

Written by Greg on Aug 9th 2020

Beautiful in the Pictures, Nice CNC Machined part out of the box. I Have a NEW , Made in China AK-47 that I Inherited from My Uncle. The LOWER half of this bedded to My Barrel Nicely, after I narrowed the Tab of the Rail that overlaps the bottom of the receiver. Then it was TOO LONG to allow the Front Retainer / Locking Plate to reinstall ? So I Groved it with My Dremel untell I could get it, [ The Retainer Cap ] installed in the factory position, locking the front end in place. [Wished I Had access to a Mill. Grove Aprox. 1/16in. deep in a U-Shape.] The top half was a LOT MORE work to get the contours to match up and STOP loading the Exhaust tube in such a manner that it would BIND DOWN on the Bolt when installing to the bottom half. [This was sa-viear, and locked the rearward movement of the bolt.] Again Here I employed My Dremel with a Sanding Drum to progressively remove the high spots until it screwed together tightly and didn't Lockdown the action of the bolt. [ I would assemble using hand pressure to press the lower and top together. Then slide it forward and rear in the 3/16in play available. look for the aluminum high spots. sand that area with My Dremel, Blackout the area with a sharpie. Reassemble and do again. ] NOTE: Nothing Really Worthwhile, is Cheap or Easy !!

AK-47 Comp-Mag

Written by Greg on Aug 9th 2020

Was Excited to find Your add, in CRPA's Magazine. I inherited a "Never Fired" AK from My Uncle. Came with a 5 round mag, Wooden Thumb-Hole stock, and nothing else. Due to California's Ban on these guns, I was unable to obtain an AK Mag of any capacity. [For all purposes My gun was Non-Legal at that time.] Your 10 Round Fixed Mag installed as described in the text and shown in the Video. [Why is the AK Video in the AR-15 Aera ???] The "Pamphlet" Shows a picture of the Optional Spring that is supplied, But does NOT discuss it's installation or purpose as is done in the Video ? [Why this Omission in the written information, But yet there's a picture of it !?!]


Written by Krebs Custom on Aug 5th 2020

This is an excellent CA compliant item.

ak comp mag

Written by richard on Jul 9th 2020

just what i've been waiting for. helped me with the sale for an ank, kept the look original no weird grip fins, etc thanks!

Comp mag

Written by Nick Luparella on Jun 1st 2020

Great product and highly recommended.

AKM Compmag

Written by Evan on May 28th 2020

Best fixed mag solution for AK to get around NY and CA tyranny.

Ak mag

Written by Eugene on May 25th 2020

Great option to keep your loved AK47 out of Assault weapon registration. The quality is good and it is easy to install.

Ak-47 compmag sig 556R

Written by Rob on May 20th 2020

Used in Sig 556R Had to grind off cosmetic features on Compmag to allow it to seat deep enough into the mag well. Otherwise, functions perfectly. Fixed mag feature allowed removal of the hideous fin grip

AK 47 Compmag

Written by douglas kubo on May 14th 2020

Works great, just like the one for my AR. Now if I could get one for my Mini 14...

Wish i knew i needed a milled lovking plATe

Written by Allen on Mar 12th 2020

I was planning to install this and shoot at the range later to find out I need a miller locking plate. Don’t forget to buy one if you have a milled AK. Should be part of the kit.

AK 47 Compmag

Written by Mike MacLean on Nov 27th 2019

I bought two of these. One at the San Bernardino gun show and another through the internet from the company. One was for an AK pistol and the other was for my WASR 10. They performed flawlessly at the Lytle Creek gun range. Only one thing is you have to be careful when putting the first few rounds in the mag. If the turn vertical you will have a Hell of a time getting them back in the right position. Easy enough to remove the floor plate of the mag to do this, but it's a hassle. Other than that thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Others at the range all wanted to shoot the AK pistol. Not could have taken it out here in California without the Compmag on the gun.

AK47 Compmag

Written by Greg on Nov 24th 2019

These are great products and make shooting fun again, despite the rediculos NY SAFE Act.

Great pro and easy to install.

Written by Ed on Aug 28th 2019

A great way to make your AK-47 legal in California! Make sure when you are buying the AK-47 CompMag, specify if it a stamp receiver or a milled receiver because the locking pin are different.

Ak comp mag

Written by Thomas on Apr 29th 2019

This is actually my 2nd always comp mag, my buddy and I run them. They are the best solution for my communist state I sadly live in.


Written by Matt Drake on Mar 17th 2019

Solid product! As I like to keep my features on my Rifle this is the perfect solution also happy with the AR model. Is there going to be an AR compmag for 7.62x39 in the near future?

A good option for range use

Written by Tyler Olson on Mar 6th 2019

I bought this magazine primarily because my AK is a range toy and I wanted to keep my features and fun. Initially I had some issues, because there is definitely a learning curve to loading it, but once I figured it out it wasn't an issue at all. I also like that it maintains the look of a 30 round magazine (if you don't look too closely!) and because of it my rifle doesn't look California-fied, which turns heads at the range. Because of the loading method and time, I strongly suggest you do NOT use this if your AK is something you might need to use in a home invasion or other such situation. That being said, I have since recommended this magazine to many people due to relative ease of use and the ability to keep my standard AKM parts on my rifle.

AK compmag

Written by Eric on Mar 3rd 2019

Easily installed on my Romy-G AK. Easy to load, and fired flawlessly through 100 rounds. Satisfied with my purchase, and my AK looks so much better with all those “scary features” that the “fun police” frown upon.

New AK CompMag

Written by Luis Morales on Feb 24th 2019

The New AK47 CompMag is an outstanding product. Not only can you see the excellent product quality and robust construction but the magazine fitting into the magazine well is outstanding. I have three different AK manufactures and in all three the magazine not only fits snugly but there are no feed issues when at the range. The folks at CompMag have excellent customer service and fast shipping. Thanks Luis

Well made, solid funCtion

Written by Leon Pesenson on Feb 24th 2019

This is a very well made magazine, solid and works reliably. The loading of it is a little tedious, though as a fixed magazine it does the trick. I keep thinking that we need to have a slightly different approach to creating various fixed magazine approaches, perhaps using a “clip” like device where the magazine becomes fixed but one can somehow insert a passive clip and then have the clip pop out when the same lever currently used to bring the follower to the bottom pops out the clip. Then one can preload a bunch of passive clips and change them as fast as any magazines that are not fixed. I realize this is the result of moronic laws, but maybe it’s time to go to the Garand style solution to get around stupid laws.

New AK CompMag

Written by Luis Morales on Feb 14th 2019

The new AK COMPMAG is a masterpiece. The product is very well designed and robust and will hold up to heavy use. I am buying 2 more for my other AKs along with a couple more tried and tested AR15 Compmags. Outstanding customer service, fast shipping, product quality and commitment satisfaction.

Solved all my problems

Written by Jonathan Scott on Feb 14th 2019

Once I saw the new laws come out about the bullet button ban, I saw my rifle getting butched and tucked away in the safe never to be used again. But then I saw this gem of a product and saw I can keep all my features and ability to keep the pistol on forward grip on my ak I was sold. Also bought two Ar 15 comp mags as well. Now they just need an AR 10 version of this and my dreams are all set.

Well worth the wait!

Written by Peter daniell on Feb 6th 2019

As soon as I heard you guys were making one for the AK platform I anxiously followed your site as the process started to when it was ready for sale. It is such a well thought of and well designed magazine! I love the fact that you took your time to work the bugs out before releasing it for sale. I like the added spring at the top. It was obviously something that was seen as a issue and resolved before just throwing it out there. That is what makes a good company a great company. You knew you could have released it sooner and made more money but you guys were committed to giving us the best product you can. I thank you for that. I’ve used mine and it has worked flawlessly. The construction is as well built at the AR-15 version. All in all the total construction on both the versions are very rugged and strong. It’s not a flimsy piece of plastic that will need to be replaced in a short time. Like anything else if you take care of it then it will last and this will certainly hold up! So glad you guys took the time, effort, money, and resources to help many of us deal with the nonsense some of the liberal states put us through. It’s such a awesome design that I’m surprised someone didn’t think of it sooner. Now that I have my first one on one of my AK’s I will be ordering more for my other rifles. Thanx again for such a great product, your commitment to only giving us the best design you can, and for putting your ideas into action. You have a new loyal customer and I will certainly send more your way!

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