AK-47 CompMag.

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The AK-47 CompMag. 

10 Round Capacity, Fixed, Loadable Magazine. (price is for one unit)

Includes a stainless steel locking plate, 2 screws, thread locker, and allen wrench for installation into a Stamped Receiver. For Milled Receivers you must purchase the additional AK-47 Milled Receiver Locking Plate.

Also includes a stainless steel top spring and screw for use should your AK-47 CompMag wear or loosen up over time. This is an optional part you can install should you need it in the future.

Designed for California law. It does not comply with New York law as a fixed magazine. Please read "Is the CompMag N.Y. safe act Compliant" under "AR-15 CompMag Information" in the left hand menu.

Our unique fixed magazine design creates an ammunition feeding device designed to be contained in or permanently attached to a firearm in such a manner that it cannot be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.

Fixed installation methods are provided to let the end user determine how they wish to modify their magazine.

Allows you to keep the AK-47 features you love on your rifle. (pistol grip, forward grip, retractable stock, and flash hider).

Loads easier than a standard magazine. No heavy spring to push each round against.

One screw installation.  No holes to drill. No need to modify your firearm.

Two minutes to install. Two minutes to remove, should you decide to shoot outside of California.

Constructed of impact and crush resistant, G.F. Nylon 6. Ultra durable and heavy duty, built to last. 150% to 300% thicker side walls than most polymer magazines.

17-7 Stainless steel magazine spring, CNC turned steel charging handle with glossy black oxide finish.

Round counter indicates exactly how many rounds are left in your firearm, including what's in your chamber. Can be used in California and other restrictive firearm states. Check your local and state laws before ordering.

Patent Pending Innovation. (CompMag has 6 patents pending at this time.)


Designed and Made In the U.S.A.   Right here in California.



Before using, please read the instructions and watch the videos found in the recent posts section on our home page, entitled "Loading and Unloading Your CompMag. Clearing Double Feeds.". This will help you better understand how the CompMag operates.   

Thank you.


 As we, and our Attorneys, understand it, this product falls within the laws as written. At this point it has not been endorsed or approved by any law enforcement agency or regulatory body within the United States, due to their reluctance to endorse any compliance products. Once contacted, the D.O.J. told us that they would not endorse any compliance products and that we should seek the advice of a qualified firearms attorney.

 We then had our firearms attorney, Jason Davis, research the topic of California compliance thoroughly and his professional opinion is that the CompMag would be deemed a fixed magazine in accordance with California Law. A one page summary from him can be found on our home page under "Recent Posts".

 Even though we have had our Firearms Attorneys approve this product as a fixed magazine according to California law, your situation may be different. For example, putting a CompMag on a banned AR-15 or a short barreled rifle (SBR) will not make it compliant. Know your local/state laws and regulations prior to purchasing this product. If you are unsure whether or not you have an assault weapon, please contact a firearms attorney.

 CompMag LLC. is not held responsible for injury or damage from inaccurate assembly, misuse, illegal use or modification of this device, nor are we held responsible for your understanding or interpretation of the laws and regulations that may apply.


Thank you.


Reviews (3)

New AK CompMag

Written by Luis Morales on Feb 14th 2019

The new AK COMPMAG is a masterpiece. The product is very well designed and robust and will hold up to heavy use. I am buying 2 more for my other AKs along with a couple more tried and tested AR15 Compmags. Outstanding customer service, fast shipping, product quality and commitment satisfaction.

Solved all my problems

Written by Jonathan Scott on Feb 14th 2019

Once I saw the new laws come out about the bullet button ban, I saw my rifle getting butched and tucked away in the safe never to be used again. But then I saw this gem of a product and saw I can keep all my features and ability to keep the pistol on forward grip on my ak I was sold. Also bought two Ar 15 comp mags as well. Now they just need an AR 10 version of this and my dreams are all set.

Well worth the wait!

Written by Peter daniell on Feb 6th 2019

As soon as I heard you guys were making one for the AK platform I anxiously followed your site as the process started to when it was ready for sale. It is such a well thought of and well designed magazine! I love the fact that you took your time to work the bugs out before releasing it for sale. I like the added spring at the top. It was obviously something that was seen as a issue and resolved before just throwing it out there. That is what makes a good company a great company. You knew you could have released it sooner and made more money but you guys were committed to giving us the best product you can. I thank you for that. I’ve used mine and it has worked flawlessly. The construction is as well built at the AR-15 version. All in all the total construction on both the versions are very rugged and strong. It’s not a flimsy piece of plastic that will need to be replaced in a short time. Like anything else if you take care of it then it will last and this will certainly hold up! So glad you guys took the time, effort, money, and resources to help many of us deal with the nonsense some of the liberal states put us through. It’s such a awesome design that I’m surprised someone didn’t think of it sooner. Now that I have my first one on one of my AK’s I will be ordering more for my other rifles. Thanx again for such a great product, your commitment to only giving us the best design you can, and for putting your ideas into action. You have a new loyal customer and I will certainly send more your way!

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