Allstar Tactical Safemod Mag Button- For New York.

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From Allstar Tactical:

Introducing our in-house designed and manufactured SAFEMOD™ mag lock button. This mag button will modify your AR15 to no longer accept a detachable magazine and permanently affix an AR15 magazine in place. It works by preventing the button from being depressed once the magazine is inserted into the rifle.

The SAFEMOD allows NY AR-15 rifle owners to be able to build and purchase new AR-15 style rifles and stay compliant under the NYS SAFE Act of 2013. It also allows California AR15 owners to comply with existing fixed magazine laws and avoid Department of Justice registration, complying with SB 880 & AB 1135. Additionally, it's our reasonable belief that it complies with Connecticut , Maryland, New Jersey and other states' detachable magazine laws.

The SAFEMOD™ is made from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy and Type II anodized in matte black. Included with the SAFEMOD™ is a packet of epoxy to make the modification permanent.

Installation is a snap. Just remove your old magazine release button and replace it with ours. It works in nearly all rifles we have encountered that use the standard AR15 magazine button, including .22LR rifle variants. Use the two included 18-8 stainless steel set screws and bottom them out into the button. Finally use the included epoxy to backfill in the holes. You now have an AR15 variant rifle that is no longer capable of accepting a detachable magazine.

According to the NY SAFE ACT from the NYS Governor's website on the SAFE ACT, "Rifles requiring registration are: Semiautomatic rifles capable of receiving a detachable magazines." According to this definition of the law, but removing the capability of the rifle to receive "a detachable magazines" you no longer have to register the rifle and the banned features do not apply.


  • Simple Installation
  • No Permanent Damage to Rifle
  • Reversible If Needed with Simple Tools
  • Lightweight 6061 Aluminum
  • Matte Black Anodized
  • Includes Allen Wrench tool
  • Works on the Majority of AR15 Lowers
  • Under $20
  • Made in USA

Remember, this is our interpretation of the law and we cannot be held responsible for a law enforcement official's misinterpretation of the law or the legality of this product. We are working diligently to get word from the NYS Troopers that will assure us that this modification does in fact make your rifle legal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using a device on an AR-15 that disables the magazine release with a screw, do NOT tighten it down enough to squeeze the CompMag. Squeezing the CompMag with the magazine catch will result in rounds not being able to pass through the magazine. Always check functionality of the firearm and the ability for rounds and the follower to move through the magazine BEFORE using the epoxy to seal the screw.

Reviews (7)

Easy to install

Written by Bob on Jan 31st 2022

One of the best priced buttons to install if you live in a state with these featureless laws, 10 min your done

Comp mag button

Written by Rick Lavoie on Jan 31st 2021

These mag buttons are probably the finest made to make them compliant in the unconstitutional States.

Comp mag button

Written by Rick L on Dec 6th 2020

This is a well made product that makes an AR complaint in this unconstitutional State.

Great product

Written by Roberto Andino on Oct 15th 2020

Excellent company and product. Fast shipping.

Allstar Tactical Safemod Mag Button- For New York.

Written by Bud S. on Aug 27th 2020

Great product. Installation was so easy my Dog could do it. In fact my dog DID do it.


Written by Roberto Andino on Aug 9th 2020

This product works great. Highly recommend it if you have a terrible governor like I do in NY.

Safemod button

Written by Roberto Andino on May 18th 2020

Excellent product. I highly recommend it.

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