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Tips for Loading Your CompMag. Clearing Double Feeds.


The main thing you have to remember with the CompMag is to hold it in an upright position when loading. If you do not do this it will not load properly. Holding the magazine at a downward angle and “rolling” the rounds in the magazine will NOT work. The best way to load is to hold your AR-15 in your right hand with the pistol grip, keep your firearm upright and slightly tilted to the right. Load in this position. Place two rounds in the firearm and then push the next round in between the two that are visible in the doorway. As you push more rounds in they will move up the magazine to load. Gravity keeps the rounds in line until you get spring pressure on them. Once loaded, shut the door. Release the spring with the charging handle. Once spring pressure is applied there is no need to keep the firearm upright, but during loading, this is very important.

Thank You- Happy shooting!


Clearing a malfunction is easy with the CompMag. 1. Lock the bolt back with the bolt catch 2. Pull down the charging handle on the CompMag and lock it in the down position. This takes spring pressure off the magazine and off of the double fed round. 3. Go in through the ejection port and slide the double fed round back into the magazine. (Try to do this with something other than your finger, if you accidentally hit the bolt catch, it will release the BCG causing it to smash whatever is in its way.) It should be very easy to slide the round back into the magazine due to the fact that you have removed spring pressure from the magazine. This clears the double fed round. 

You can unload the magazine or remove the double fed round from the magazine through the loading doorway on your CompMag. The best way to unload cartridges from your CompMag is to hold your rifle upright, open the loading door, and push in on the tip of the cartridge. The back of the round will swing out allowing easy removal. Repeat until empty. 

Once this is done you can do one of two things to remove the round in your chamber. 1. Manually cycle your firearm to remove the round in the chamber or 2. Push the bolt catch so the BCG goes into the forward position and use the takedown pins to disassemble the upper from the lower.

While preforming these operations, always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction! Thank you.