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Is the CompMag New York Safe Act compliant?

We have received many inquiries as to the CompMag being used in New York so I thought I would address this topic. First of all, I am not a firearms attorney and we have not had a N.Y. firearms attorney evaluate this product, so this should not be taken as legal advice, but this is how I see it.

The CompMag was designed to be a fixed magazine in accordance with California law. California law states that to have a fixed magazine you must break the action of the firearm to remove the magazine. This is solved for California by screwing the magazine in from inside of the firearm. One must break the action to remove it.

New York law is different. It states that you cannot have the "capacity to accept a detachable magazine". "Capacity" means the "physical ability" to accept a detachable magazine. Therefore, just screwing it in from the inside or breaking the action to remove the magazine is not enough to comply with N.Y. law. The capacity (physical ability) is still there. Because of this fact we do not include any of the California compliance parts on our N.Y. CompMag. You will need to add a New York compliant locking device to make it permanent and remove the capacity.

There are several ways that companies in New York have come up with to “permanently attach” the CompMag into your firearm to meet this New York criteria. One solution I can suggest for the AR-15 is the "Safe Mod" by All Star Tactical. This inexpensive device disables your mag release. This is available on our website- click HERE. Another is the AR-15 Magazine lock from D.D.'s Ranch. This replaces your whole mag release. This is available on our website- click HERE. (For more information, the link to their websites can be found below.)

Once "permanently attached" according to N.Y. law, the CompMag is an ideal loading and unloading solution for your AR-15 or AK-47.

If you are unsure if your particular firearm is compliant or not, I would check with your local N.Y. gun store or firearms attorney as to what needs to be done for your specific compliance. I hope this helps, Thank you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using a device on an AR-15 that disables the magazine release with a screw, do NOT tighten it down enough to squeeze the CompMag. Squeezing the CompMag with the magazine catch will result in rounds not being able to pass through the magazine. Always check functionality of the firearm and the ability for rounds and the follower to move through the magazine BEFORE using the epoxy to seal the screw. The CompMag is not compatible with the Mean Arms MA Lock as it squeezes the CompMag and may prevent it from functioning properly.