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Our California Firearms Attorneys on the Legality of CompMag.


As we, and our Attorneys, understand it, this product falls within the laws as written. At this point it has not been endorsed or approved by any law enforcement agency or regulatory body within the United States, due to their reluctance to approve any compliance products. Once contacted, the D.O.J. told us that they would not endorse any compliance products and that we should seek the advice of a qualified firearms attorney.

We then had our firearms attorneys, Jason Davis and Michell & Associates, research the topic of California compliance thoroughly, and their professional opinions are that the CompMag would be deemed a fixed magazine in accordance with California Law. Their statements can be found below.

The first statement applies to AR-15 CompMags bought before Jan. 2019. The second statement (down the page) applies to the AK-47 CompMag and our updated AR-15 CompMag (our current versions).

The following statement applies to AR-15 CompMags bought before Jan. 2019.

The following statement applies to the newly released AR-15 CompMag (Feb 2019) and the newly released AK-47 CompMag (Jan 2019).

Even though we have had our Firearms Attorneys approve this product as a fixed magazine according to California law, your situation may be different. For example, putting a CompMag on a banned AR-15 or a short barreled rifle (SBR) will not make it compliant. You must know your local/state laws and regulations and how they affect you prior to purchasing this product. If you are unsure whether or not you have an assault weapon, please contact a firearms attorney.